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ISIS’s treatment of women: Outsourced to Echidne

Posted by Charles II on April 20, 2015

Read ’em and weep:


Part 1: The Rules for Sunni Muslim women

Part 2: Sexual Slavery and Rape of “Non-Believers”

Part 3: The Western Female IS Militants

Part 4: To be written when Echidne recovers from writing the preceding.

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Friday Night Climbing Cat Blogging

Posted by Phoenix Woman on April 17, 2015

Millie makes her way up a slab on Stansbury Island.  Photo by Craig Armstrong.

Millie makes her way up a slab on Stansbury Island. Photo by Craig Armstrong.

Millie, a black Nebelung kitty, goes rock climbing with her human, Craig Armstrong. Her website is She is often joined by a blondly-orange Morris lookalike named Kenneth.

Check it out.

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A spreading stain/ in the Ukraine

Posted by Charles II on April 17, 2015

Robert Parry, Consortium News:

The U.S.-backed Ukrainian government came up with a curious way to commemorate the 70thanniversary of the Holocaust being brought to an end. The parliament in Kiev voted to extend official recognition to Ukrainian fascists who collaborated with the Nazis in killing Jews.

…On April 9, the Ukrainian parliament passed a bill making the ultra-nationalist Ukrainian Insurgent Army eligible for official government recognition, a demand that has been pushed by Ukraine’s current neo-Nazi and ultra-nationalist movements, the same forces that spearheaded the overthrow of elected President Viktor Yanukovych in February 2014 and then the slaughter of thousands of ethnic Russians who resisted the new order.

It now appears that pro-government “death squads” are operating with impunity in Kiev.

Ukraine was the site of several major Holocaust atrocities including the infamous massacre at Babi Yar in Kiev, where local Ukrainian fascists worked alongside the Nazi SS in funneling tens of thousands of Jews to a ravine where they were slaughtered and buried.

I’m not sure what to make of the neo-Nazi presence in Ukraine. It’s not hard, for example, to find neo-Nazis in the American military. They send their guys there to train for the grand RaHoWa. The difference is when government starts to sanction this sort of thing. The Kiev government is so desperate and so anti-Russian that they are sanctioning way-out-of-the-box things just to keep from falling. But at some point one has to ask whether the people in charge are being expedient– or whether they support neo-Nazism.

We should also be asking the American government where they stand… especially since it is alleged that the U.S. military will be training the Azov Battalion.

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Secede already

Posted by Charles II on April 15, 2015


This is an image of a local newspaper from a town near Abilene, Texas. The article on the left says that right-wingers are being labeled “terrorists.” The article on the right is about Obama, written by a Viet Vet-Green Beret-novelist from Colorado, is remarkably historically illiterate, and even says that Barack Obama “claims to have been a law professor.”  Apparently, the statement by the University of Chicago that he was a law professor is not enough for Mr. Bendell. Nor is Mr. Bendell aware that many of the slaves brought here were Muslims and that some fought for independence in the Revolutionary War and (presumably against slavery) in the Civil War. Sure, most early Americans were Christians or Deists, along with a few Jews, some atheists/agnostics, and so on. But when Barack Obama says that Islam is woven into the American tapestry from the beginning, he’s right. Being right used to count for something.

There are plenty of other articles typical of right-wing extremists. Brian Sussman tells us that “zealous environmentalists … are green on the outside and red (like Marx and Lenin) on the inside.”  He’s making a film about how the state of California is hoarding water to keep it away from (corporate) farmers.  I hope he likes drinking dust, because it looks like there’s going to be more of that than water in California. African American (No! American!) Lloyd Marcus is afraid that white people are so badly beaten upon that they might engage in backlash that would be like a race war but totally justifiable. When he is not praising the Lord that Rush is on, he’s being a “prolific writer, singer and songwriter.” (true. It may not be good writing, singing, or songwriting, but it is prolific.)

The point is not that this kind of stuff is remarkable. It’s that it’s normal, and not just in Texas. These people spread hatred and division and yet it’s the red states that take the most in government payments, have the highest level of social pathologies, and generally resemble all the things they rail against.

So secede already.

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Opening Bell, Round Three?

Posted by Charles II on April 14, 2015

The Guardian:

Fighting erupted overnight and in the early hours of Tuesday on the outskirts of the rebel stronghold of Donetsk in eastern Ukraine, despite an agreement reached by the Ukrainian and Russian foreign ministers a day earlier.

The year-long conflict between Russian-backed rebels and Ukrainian government forces has claimed more than 6,000 lives and left large parts of the country’s industrial heartland in ruins.

[Elsewhere,] Shyrokyne has changed hands repeatedly during the conflict.

An Associated Press reporter saw a column of at least 10 infantry combat vehicles moving from the rebel-occupied area on the Azov Sea coast to Donetsk on Tuesday morning.

It’s very likely this will escalate into a larger scale war. Only now there are NATO troops in the combat zone, with plenty of chance for miscalculation, provocation, and escalation.

I think The Saker has the right attitude toward this (make sure to watch to the end, since the first half is unrelentingly grim).

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Stratfor on the conflict in Europe

Posted by Charles II on April 13, 2015

George Friedman of Stratfor is one of the most interesting analysts out there. Not that I necessarily agree with him, since he’s been spectacularly wrong in the past. But he’s clearly well-connected and, unlike most neo-conservatives, he’s primarily a realist in the vein of Henry Kissinger.

I don’t think that he favors an aggressive strategy toward Ukraine, because he realizes that the U.S. is overstretched with the conflicts in Iraq and Yemen (and Libya and Syria, etc.). But his opinion seems to be that the US is trying to force Germany to choose the U.S. as its ally against Russia, preventing Germany and Russia from forming an alliance of resources and capital that would threaten the U.S. By creating a band of American power across Central Europe from the Baltics through Ukraine, it would make the western Russian fleet impotent and turning it into a distinctly regional power.

(Via Fortruss)

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The Maidan killings

Posted by Charles II on April 11, 2015

A great unresolved question is who killed the protesters in Kiev as part of the run-up to the coup against the elected President, Yanukovych. Via the Kyiv Post, film maker Evelina Nefertari has compiled the existing video into Altitude October Palace (in Ukrainian, alas).

The Kyiv Post states:

The videos show protesters being shot and killed on Instytutska Street by snipers behind police lines at 9:01 – 9:16 , and 9:20 – 10:38. The timeline also incorporates an ntercepted [sic] radio communication between snipers of the Security Service of Ukraine’s Alfa special unit unit starting on the 11th minute.

I really can’t see that, partly because I don’t know the geography or the players. And the story that the snipers were pro-Yanukovych makes very little sense to me; nor would the overthrow of a government be legitimate even if the snipers were pro-government; otherwise the U.S. government should have been overthrown after Kent State. But this is a start for understanding how the protests went down and perhaps finding the perpetrators.

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Alexander the Great, 1998-2015

Posted by MEC on April 10, 2015

When I decided to get a kitten all those years ago, I kind of had an orange kitten in mind. But when I reached into the kitten cage at the shelter to pet the one orange kitten, it backed up and hissed at me. Then a scrap of an 8-week-old black-and-white kitten climbed up my arm, sat down on my shoulder, stuck his nose in my ear, and purred like a chainsaw. I was chosen.

I named him Alexander the Great because it took him about a week to conquer the Known World, i.e. my house and everything in it, including the senior cat.

He’s been my sweet boykitty for 17 years, which is a good long life for a cat. But old age is inexorable, and I wouldn’t want him to live longer if it meant being in pain.

Ave atque vale, Alexander. You were a CAT.

Alexander the Great

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What I love about America

Posted by Charles II on April 6, 2015

Image from HuffPo

Alan Yuhas, The Guardian:

The New York parks department on Monday removed a large bust of Edward Snowden that was installed in a Brooklyn park, shortly after covering it up with a tarp and thwarting the artists’ stated intent “to highlight those who sacrifice their safety in the fight against modern-day tyrannies”.

The Snowden bust still stood at Fort Greene Park’s Prison Ship Martyrs monument, atop a single Doric column. But it was wrapped in a blue tarpaulin, as city workers debated what to do with it.

The monument stands to the memory of 11,000 prisoners who died in British captivity during the Revolutionary war.

The bust, about 4ft tall and resembling both Snowden and former White House spokesman Jay Carney, was wrapped up by two park employees before noon, hiding the face and column but not the eagle statue that stands at its foot. A park ranger removed a plexiglass stand with Snowden’s name that had been placed at the base of the column.

The Brooklyn-based artists also wrote that they hoped passersby would “ponder the sacrifices made for their freedoms”.

“We hope this inspires them to reflect upon the responsibility we all bear to ensure our liberties exist long into the future,” they said.

What a beautiful protest.

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Lisa Myers, Glass Houses, And False Accusations

Posted by Phoenix Woman on April 6, 2015

So Lisa Myers wants to get all outraged that nobody was fired over the Rolling Stone article where a false rape accusation was allowed to be lodged.

Does the name “Juanita Broaddrick” ring a bell, Ms. Myers?

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