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The Invisible Hand Gives San Diego’s Schoolkids The Finger

Posted by Phoenix Woman on February 1, 2007

Ho hum. Another day, another for-profit privately-run charter school implodes due to dodgy finances:

As the largest charter school serving Southwest Riverside and North San Diego counties continues its split into two autonomous entities, the board overseeing half its operations fired the school’s longtime executive director after a five-hour meeting Tuesday night.

Citing several contentions, including misappropriation of money and conflicts of interest, the board overseeing the Vista-based coastal operation of Eagles Peak Charter School terminated the employment of Kathleen Hermsmeyer, who has been on administrative leave from the coastal division since November.

Hermsmeyer remains director of Eagles Peak Charter School Inland Empire. She did not return phone calls Wednesday.

The decision to fire her came as coastal board members said they are grappling with a projected deficit of $2.4 million for this fiscal year, which ends June 30. The board members said they largely blamed Hermsmeyer for much of the debt, contending the school has been mismanaged.

Just as there are jobs which should never be given to the people who most want them, there are portions of our societial machinery which should never be entrusted to those whose primary motive is personal profit. Education is one portion; public utilities are another, as shown by countless episodes throughout history, the Enron debacle just being the most notorious of the recent ones.

3 Responses to “The Invisible Hand Gives San Diego’s Schoolkids The Finger”

  1. Phil Peterson said

    Thank goodness nothing like this ever happens in government-run schools. Right? Certainly no corruption in any local, state, or federal institutions, right? No, not at all. We would be hard-pressed at best to find anyone in public service who has ever solicited and/or taken bribes. Of course, if we did we could fire them… oh wait! We can’t fire them. They’re the government, so we have no other choice but to use their schools, roads (no problems there), postal delivery (so fast, friendly & reliable!), police (perfect too – no corruption, brutality, racism or oppression in local, state, or federal police at all! Right?) & enviromental protection. The EPA has done such a good job there – why would we want to hire a private company to protect us from polluters. No sir! The good ol’ EPA is spot-on! Keep up the good work guys.
    Those bureaucrats (& the communist, liberal apologists) sure are smart. They know better than us what to teach kids. Good thing we have them in place to stop all those mean, greedy old capitalists out there trying to make a fast buck teaching children who knows what nonsense, such as personal responsibility, self reliance, ambition, competitiveness… Banish the thought!
    All hail the good & wise state, comrade!

    • Are you trying to say something, Benito? Or is spewing vague, fact-free smears a specialty of yours?

    • Charles II said

      Phil, the kind of proud, angry ignorance you show just encourages me to write checks to Democratic candidates.

      Let’s take some of your points. Instead of debating the issue of whether there is corruption in charter schools vs. standard public schools, you switch up to the federal government. But if we stayed on topic with the public schools, no, I can’t remember a case in my lifetime where there was corruption in the public schools.

      Among Republicans in Washington, sure. But not in the public schools.

      You say, “postal delivery (so fast, friendly & reliable!).

      Well, first of all, the Post Office has been partially privatized. All of its problems date from that. And, actually, considering how hard they run the postal employees, they do a remarkable job. It often is faster than UPS, which doesn’t have Saturday delivery, and they deliver places that Fedex and UPS don’t go. Oh– and they charge half as much.

      And you say, “The EPA has done such a good job there – why would we want to hire a private company to protect us from polluters.”

      Yes, why would we? Our rivers no longer catch fire. You can see farther than the end of the block in Los Angeles. New England forests are not dying off as fast as they were when acid rain was unchecked. What private company could possibly accomplish the combination of scientific research, education, and enforcement that the EPA does?

      About 15 years ago, a businessman asked me how he could get rid of some contaminated gasoline. I recommended he call the EPA. He was horrified… but he did it, and sure enough, they solved his problem for him. He was stunned. This agency that he had spent years fearing turned out to be staffed by people who wanted to solve problems.

      All the hate and fear that you boys on the right are spreading is based on ignorance. If you’d take the time to meet your fellow-American, you’d very likely find that he’s a pretty decent person, even if he votes different than you.

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