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One In Forty Dead, One in Twenty Wounded, One Shattered Nation

Posted by Phoenix Woman on February 4, 2007

Imagine, if you will, that in March of 2003 America was violently and bloodily invaded by a multinational force allegedly at the invitation of the American people — though the only Americans associated with the invading forces are all expatriates and grifters who haven’t been in America in decades.

Imagine that the force, upon toppling Bush and destroying America’s infrastructure, then set up a tremendously corrupt occupation government in which no American companies were allowed to participate in the rebuilding of America. Imagine that the country slides into pre-Industrial-Revolution conditions in spite of (or perhaps because of) the half-assed rebuilding efforts.

Imagine then that after a year of occupation, a puppet government was set up and elections held, but the only parties allowed on the ballot were those that swore fealty to the occupying forces.

Imagine that the chaos unleashed by the invasion, destruction and occupation has in less than four years caused the deaths of one out of every forty Americans, and the wounding of one out of every twenty.

Imagine that Americans, many of whom were at first happy to see Bush go, soon found themselves losing family members to the strife and hating the “liberators”.

If you can imagine that, you might be able to imagine what life has become for the average Iraqi in the last four years. One thing I cannot imagine is how they could ever forgive us.

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