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This Explains A Lot

Posted by Phoenix Woman on February 4, 2007

Piggybacking onto what Charles just posted, the same people most responsible for beating the invade-Iraq war drums are also the loudest advocates of attacking Iran.

And I’ve just found out that Marty Peretz, the man whose influence helped convince a large portion of otherwise-sane Americans to back invading Iraq (and who now wants to attack Iran), is a longtime buddy of Ahmad Chalabi’s:

Martin Peretz, to my knowledge, has engaged in little to no self-scrutiny about the role that his own influential commentary had on the buildup to the Iraq War. He, to my knowledge, has not exposed his close personal relationship with Ahmed Chalabi — whom I met at The New Republic at a meeting organized by Peretz for editors of the magazine. I emphasize to my knowledge.

Peretz helped sell Chalabi — and helped sell the Iraqi National Congress — to official Washington. Chalabi, whose intelligence chief later defected to Iran, and Chalabi who himself allegedly passed on information he was getting from his American contacts to Iranian sources.

There is a corruption and self-censorship that hit Washington and blinded many in responsible political positions and government roles and allowed the U.S. to launch a war that should not have been launched — and to spend a great deal of time and resources punishing those who were speaking out against it.

No wonder why Peretz won’t admit that he and the other AIPAC/Likudniks, both here and elsewhere, were wrong to have listened to Chalabi the Grifter. Instead, they intend to compound their mistake and jeopardize the position of American troops in Iraq, in addition to killing untold hundreds of thousands more Iraqis as well as Iranians.

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