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Republican Accounting 101

Posted by Phoenix Woman on February 5, 2007

From that bastion of Communism, Trains magazine:

Remember when former [Bush] Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta was traveling the country pointing out Amtrak’s shortcomings? One railroad he held out as a shining example was the Alaska Railroad, which operates its own passenger service. Indeed, the ARR does run its own passenger trains, and this year plans to spend $100 million on improvements not only on passenger service, but on freight projects as well. But what Mineta failed to mention is that the Federal Government funds most Alaska Railroad improvements. This year, about 84 percent of Alaska’s capital improvement budget is federally funded, primarily through the Federal Transit Administration.

And this surprises anyone how?

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We Knew This Would Happen

Posted by MEC on February 5, 2007

Bush’s words:

A future of hope and opportunity requires that all our citizens have affordable and available health care. (Applause.) When it comes to health care, government has an obligation to care for the elderly, the disabled, and poor children. And we will meet those responsibilities.

Bush’s actions:

Health care providers would get smaller pay increases when caring for the elderly, poor and disabled under President Bush’s budget plan submitted to Congress on Monday.


Bush also calls for reducing Medicaid spending by about $25 billion over five years….


Sen. Max Baucus, D-Mont., chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, noted that the proposed Medicare reductions are more than the president asked from any previous Congress.

Is anybody surprised?

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So, who cares about carries?

Posted by Charles II on February 5, 2007

From Forex blog

The Yen is by far the weakest major currency in the world, having recently touched an all-time low against the Euro and a four-year low against the USD, despite strong economic fundamentals and a positive current account balance. It has been reported exhaustively that the cause of the Yen weakness are low interest rates, which has spurred investors to borrow cheaply in Yen and invest in higher-yielding currencies.

It used to be called “capital flight.” Now it’s called “the carry trade.” If your currency is stable or declining, then you can invest abroad and make money from both the investment and from currency shifts.

The problem occurs if (a) you have borrowed the money and (b) things turn around. Then, suddenly, you’re selling your holdings to avoid getting caught with less money than you need to repay the loan.

For the rest of us, the problem is that the holdings are dollars. If they get dumped, the dollar will fall, and if the dollar falls, interest rates and inflation will rise.

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How Republicans support the troops

Posted by Charles II on February 5, 2007

From the Baltimore Sun  (via TO)

The California Nurses Association reported that in the first quarter of 2006, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs “treated 20,638 Iraq veterans for post-traumatic stress disorder, and they have a backlog of 400,000 cases.” A returning soldier has to wait an average of 165 days for a VA decision on initial disability benefits, and an appeal can take up to three years.

It is not surprising to find that an assessment of more than 220,000 military personnel returning from Iraq published in the April Journal of the American Medical Association found that nearly one in five has significant mental health problems. Repeated tours of duty increase the risk of post-traumatic stress disorder by 50 percent…

Veterans coming home stated that their superiors have harassed and punished them for seeking help for psychological problems triggered by their service in Iraq.

What does it mean to support the troops if you abandon those who return?

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The Rules Of The US Media

Posted by Phoenix Woman on February 5, 2007

Nothing like watching a “mainstream” media guy taking his cues from Michelle Malkin. I can just see her at her keyboard, cackling “Dance, Glover, Dance!”

Here’s the #1 rule of post-Fairness-Doctrine media in America: Conservatives are always more credible than liberals. The more wrong they are, the more credible they are. (Compare the amount of TV and radio time over the past twenty years that’s been given to Ann Coulter and Molly Ivins. I rest my case.)

This leads us to Rule #2, as often voiced by Atrios: There is nothing a conservative can say or do that will get him or her exiled permanently from the public discourse. (Look at Michelle “Internment was PEACHY!” Malkin, Ann “Women shouldn’t be able to vote” Coulter, or Pat “Nazis weren’t all bad” Buchanan. Again, I rest my case.)

 UPDATE:  In a comment from last year, Alderaan over at Drum’s blog has an even longer list of conservatives who did things that would have got them drummed out of public life were they not conservatives.

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