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Republican Accounting 101

Posted by Phoenix Woman on February 5, 2007

From that bastion of Communism, Trains magazine:

Remember when former [Bush] Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta was traveling the country pointing out Amtrak’s shortcomings? One railroad he held out as a shining example was the Alaska Railroad, which operates its own passenger service. Indeed, the ARR does run its own passenger trains, and this year plans to spend $100 million on improvements not only on passenger service, but on freight projects as well. But what Mineta failed to mention is that the Federal Government funds most Alaska Railroad improvements. This year, about 84 percent of Alaska’s capital improvement budget is federally funded, primarily through the Federal Transit Administration.

And this surprises anyone how?

3 Responses to “Republican Accounting 101”

  1. Charles said

    PW asks, “And this surprises anyone how?”

    That a Democrat would be so generous in carrying the Republicans’s water for them?

  2. Mineta is a “Democrat” of the Richard Perle variety. He was hired so Bush could pretend to be, y’know, “bipartisan” — but BushCo zampolit are the ones actually crafting the policies he’s been tasked to promote.

    Colin Powell was in a similar situation over at the State Department, you will remember. He blew off what little credibility he had by lying for Bush so Bush’s Iraq War could start.

  3. Reminds me of when one of Colin Powell’s ideological minders, Emily Miller (the other being John Bolton), was so careless as to make her presence known to America’s TV viewers. You’re supposed to be pulling the strings OFF camera, Emily!

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