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Posted by MEC on February 6, 2007

Shrub has frequently been criticized for carrying on a war without calling for sacrifices to offset the cost of the war.

Well, he’s finally calling for sacrifices.

From the people who already have nothing, or as close to nothing as makes no difference.

Bush Slashes Aid to Poor to Boost Iraq War Chest

Mr Bush’s $2.9 trillion (£1.5 trillion) budget, sent to Congress yesterday, includes $100bn extra for the Iraq and Afghanistan wars for this year, on top of $70bn already allocated by Congress and $141.7bn next year. He is planning an 11.3% increase for the Pentagon. Spending on the Iraq war is destined to top the total cost of the 13-year war in Vietnam.

The huge rise in military spending is paid for by a squeeze on domestic programmes, including $66bn in cuts over five years to Medicare, the healthcare scheme for the elderly, and $12bn from the Medicaid healthcare scheme for the poor.


The New York Times noted that the cost of the war would have paid for universal healthcare in the US, nursery education for all three and four-year-olds in the country, immunisation for children round the world against a host of diseases, and still leave about half of the money left over.

Bush and the pro-war Republicans will push this budget as a “support the troops” issue. But the International Herald Tribune describes the military spending more accurately:

Bush’s budget would bolster military contractors

This is another example of Bush’s idea of “bipartisan”: “Both parties do what I want.”

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