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The Blogging Evolution

Posted by Phoenix Woman on February 6, 2007

Chris Bowers over at MyDD explains how the trend in the blogosphere — at least on the reality-based side — is towards reader participation, both in terms of activism and in generating news content.  There are a growing number of blogs that don’t just give opinions on whatever comes over the AP wire.

4 Responses to “The Blogging Evolution”

  1. olvlzl said

    I’m kind of leery of this kind of move towards bigness. I read some of the bigger blogs but I’m not participating in them as often as I used to because they seem to tend towards supporting a consensus viewpoint which I don’t trust. Last week when I didn’t agree with that on the Boston cartoon scare the reaction was hostile, to put it mildly, even though no one seems to have been able to refute my position. I don’t think coming up with a consensus viewpoint on things is likely to produce good things for the left, it’s what produced the DLC kind of junk.

    I blog weekends at Echidne of the Snakes and we have a great relationship. She and I have very different styles and content, she has much better manners than I do. Group blogs work, as this one so clearly does, but they aren’t entirely free of risks.

  2. It depends on which blog. There’s more likelihood that a one-person blog, such as Eschaton, will have that sort of consensus. If you go to DailyKos, all sorts of fights erupt because there’s much less consensus.

    But what really interests me is the ability of the blogs, big and small, to start doing their own news reporting. We’ve had Fire Dog Lake, which is blazing a trail with their book salons and their liveblogging the Libby trial. And of course Raw Story, which is not technically a blog but allows for citizen journalism. And Huff Post, which is both blog and journalism website. And all the others that Chris mentions.

  3. olvlzl said

    Absolutely, reporting the news is the most worthy goal of blogging, real, fact based reporting of the kind they don’t do much in the commercial media any more. Fire Dog Lake has done that, you do that. Roger Ailes approaches it in some of his work, given that he clearly has a job that takes a lot of time.

    You must be telepathic, Pheonix Woman, you nailed exactly where it happened.

  4. Evolution Is Coming

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