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None Dare Call It Starvation

Posted by Charles II on February 7, 2007

It’s just amazing reading what is written about Mexico. Due to a 60-80% spike in the price of tortillas, according to Miami Herald/El Universal newspuppet Fred Rosen:

“Many people are significantly reducing their caloric intake.”

There’s a simpler word for significantly reducing one’s caloric intake.

It is “starving.”


Tortillas are the mainstay of the Mexican diet, especially for the poor. José Cacho, vice president of the National Chamber of Industrialized Corn, estimates that an average poor family of four consumes about three kilos of tortillas a day. At the “controlled” price of 8.50 pesos a kilo, that comes to 25.50 pesos a day. The minimum wage in Mexico (which varies slightly from location to location) averages about 42 pesos a day. A family living on one minimum wage would thus have to spend some 60 percent of its income on tortillas alone, never mind the salt and the beans. And that´s at the controlled price.

Furthermore, the Calderon government has been boasting about its successes in the drug war. It turns out that may have been a wee bit exaggerated.

And now, the results of the drug-war incursions into the states of Michoacán, Baja California and Guerrero are coming under question. Initially, it was announced that marijuana fields were burned; cocaine, heroin and synthetic drugs were confiscated; major capos were arrested and extradited; professional executioners were killed, arrested or forced to flee the states under siege; and a major dent was put into drug exports and domestic sales. Calderón said the operation had brought “peace and certainty” to Mexico. But the press now reports that no cocaine (the number-one export to the United States) was seized in any of the raids and that many of Michoacán´s destroyed marijuana fields, having been planted with a pesticide-resistant strain of cannabis, are making a quick comeback.

And drug prices have fallen by half, hardly the effect one expects if the supply is falling.

For what it’s worth, I think Fred Rosen is trying in his own rabbity way to report the news. But it’s painful to see a professional journalist so cowed, so afraid for his job that he can’t say outright that Mexico’s poor are starving.

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Live to fight another day: Watada mistrial

Posted by Charles II on February 7, 2007

Anything not good for the prosecution is good for the defense.  

In a stunning defeat for military prosecutors, Lt. Col. John Head, the military judge presiding over Watada’s court-martial, said he had no choice but to declare a mistrial because military prosecutors and Watada’s defense attorney could not reach an agreement regarding the characterization of a stipulation agreement Watada signed before the start of his court-martial. The government characterizes the stipulation agreement as an admission of guilt by Watada for “missing movement” and making statements against the Iraq war that resulted in charges of conduct unbecoming an officer and a gentleman.

    Eric Seitz, Watada’s attorney, said the stipulation Watada signed, however, was by no means an admission of guilt by his client. Rather, it was a statement of fact that his client believed the Iraq war was illegal, and that he refused to deploy to the region with his unit because of his beliefs.

We’ll see. I think the Administration is desperate to stop noncompliance with orders, especially when it involves officers calling the Iraq war illegal.

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A role model for us all

Posted by Charles II on February 7, 2007

Via Avedon, Susan McDougal speaks about Whitewater, and why she was The Woman Who Wouldn’t Talk.

 She really is a heroine.

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If You Look Up The Word “Eedjit”, You’ll See Marty Seifert’s Picture

Posted by Phoenix Woman on February 7, 2007

Because the newly-minted Republican House Minority Leader of the Minnesota Legislature really is an eedjit. See for yourself.

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Posted by Phoenix Woman on February 7, 2007

That should be engraved backwards on the forehead of every Democrat who runs for public office, so they’ll see it in their mirrors first thing every morning.

Then we wouldn’t have to put up with seeing stories like this.

If Edwards caves on this, I can’t support him — and I’ve liked him up to now. But if he’s going to cave to Republican bigots who will never vote for him, there’s no point in backing him because anyone who would cave so readily to bigots doesn’t have what it takes to win, and isn’t smart enough to realize what Churchill knew: that appeasing Nazis doesn’t work. If anything, it emboldens them, because they know you’re an easy mark.

UPDATE: As Atrios and Media Matters note, if we’re going to put campaign bloggers under a microscope, John McCain’s hired gun wouldn’t come off looking too well.

And looky here — ABC’s Terry Moran writes an article bashing Edwards and Amanda and Melissa, yet doesn’t mention that his own brother has a right-wing blog that sets new lows for vileness.

UPDATE 2: Wow, looks like Bill Donohue calls women “bigots” all the time.

Just look what he said about Barbara Walters today — he called her a bigot, too — and in language very similar to what he used against Amanda and Melissa.

And here he is again:

Catholic League president Bill Donohue said lesbians were “something I’d expect to see in an asylum, frankly” when he spoke to Justice Sunday, a gathering of far-right evangelical Christian activists.

Why should we enable him by taking him seriously?

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Obama’s Got Bring-‘Em-Home Bills In Both Houses

Posted by Phoenix Woman on February 7, 2007

Check it out. Yeah, the Republicans will filibuster, but back it anyway.

And tell him to get Reid to hold up the judicial appointments the Republicans are craving, if the GOP tries filibustering. Make ’em choose between war and judgeships.

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