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Live to fight another day: Watada mistrial

Posted by Charles II on February 7, 2007

Anything not good for the prosecution is good for the defense.  

In a stunning defeat for military prosecutors, Lt. Col. John Head, the military judge presiding over Watada’s court-martial, said he had no choice but to declare a mistrial because military prosecutors and Watada’s defense attorney could not reach an agreement regarding the characterization of a stipulation agreement Watada signed before the start of his court-martial. The government characterizes the stipulation agreement as an admission of guilt by Watada for “missing movement” and making statements against the Iraq war that resulted in charges of conduct unbecoming an officer and a gentleman.

    Eric Seitz, Watada’s attorney, said the stipulation Watada signed, however, was by no means an admission of guilt by his client. Rather, it was a statement of fact that his client believed the Iraq war was illegal, and that he refused to deploy to the region with his unit because of his beliefs.

We’ll see. I think the Administration is desperate to stop noncompliance with orders, especially when it involves officers calling the Iraq war illegal.

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