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And The Gold Medal Winner In The Irony Olympics This Month Is…

Posted by Phoenix Woman on February 8, 2007

George W. Bush, for his Olympic-quality skill in complaining about Hugo Chavez’ alleged abuse of power even as Bush himself was indulging in one of the biggest abuses of power in a White House tenure that has been all about abuse of power.

2 Responses to “And The Gold Medal Winner In The Irony Olympics This Month Is…”

  1. Sornie said

    Neither guy is anything to brag about but Bush is the one to worry about (well, actually puppetmaster Cheney) because America, last time i checked, was a democracy.

  2. Venezuela’s a democracy, too. Chavez was elected — and reelected — in a vote that was certified to be honestly held by several international monitoring agencies. And the recall provision his enemies tried to use to force him out (that is, after the Bush-baked coup attempt against him failed)? He put that in the Venezuelan constitution.

    Here’s an honest take from the AP’s Bart Jones on what Chavez is doing — and how most of the US reporting on Chavez is bogus (he’s considerably more polite about it, but the message is the same).

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