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Heart of darkness

Posted by Charles II on February 8, 2007

Simon Tisdall in The Guardian:

This week’s US decision to create a new Pentagon command covering Africa, known as Africom, has a certain unlovely military logic. Like Roman emperors of old, Washington’s Caesars arbitrarily divide much of the world into Middle Eastern, European and Pacific domains. Now it is Africa’s turn.Practical more than imperial considerations dictated the White House move. With Gulf of Guinea countries including Nigeria and Angola projected to provide a quarter of US oil imports within a decade, with Islamist terrorism worries in the Sahel and Horn of Africa, and with China prowling for resources and markets, the US plainly feels a second wind of change is blowing, necessitating increased leverage….

The Pentagon’s total budget requests for the fiscal year ending September 2008 have swollen to $716.5bn… 

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  1. Eli said

    Evidently the winds of change are powered by petrol.

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