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Let The Pushback Begin

Posted by Phoenix Woman on February 8, 2007

Well, Edwards has said the gals are staying, so that’s done with.

Now it’s time to ask the media why they insist on enabling people like Bill Donohue by treating him as someone to take seriously, instead of as the crazy-ass Jew-baiting misogynist hatemonger he is.

The message from us: No one pulls this crap with impunity — someone, be it the person slimed or somebody else, will be coming around to dump it back threefold on the slimer.

Media Matters has lots o’ dirt, and here’s some more courtesy of Jeffrey Feldman:


According to United States law governing the behavior of 501(c)(3) organizations, it seems highly likely that William Donohue–President of the Catholic League, a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization–may have broken the law by attempting to intervene in a political campaign.

Hey, news media! Lookee here! An actual crime! Investigate!

And there’s also this:

It’s the 2005 tax return for Donohue’s Catholic League. Note the huge expenses for direct mail. Nonprofits do not have to publicly disclose their donor list so we don’t know where the revenue is coming from.

UPDATE:  Chris Bowers and BlogPAC have a handy-dandy device for contacting the media folks who’re writing about this story.  Enjoy!

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