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Bush’s legacy: endless war

Posted by Charles II on February 9, 2007

From Ewen MacAskill, one of the best foreign analysts in the business.

US preparations for an air strike against Iran are at an advanced stage, in spite of repeated public denials by the Bush administration, according to informed sources in Washington.

The present military build-up in the Gulf would allow the US to mount an attack by the spring. But the sources said that if there was an attack, it was more likely next year, just before Mr Bush leaves office.

…Vincent Cannistraro, a Washington-based intelligence analyst, shared the sources’ assessment that Pentagon planning was well under way. “Planning is going on, in spite of public disavowals by Gates. Targets have been selected. For a bombing campaign against nuclear sites, it is quite advanced. The military assets to carry this out are being put in place.”

He added: “We are planning for war. It is incredibly dangerous.”

…Afshin Molavi, a fellow of the New America Foundation, said: “To argue diplomacy has not worked is false because it has not been tried….”

The Coward in Chief wants to start a regional war and leave it for his successor to end. “Despicable” barely scratches the surface of this.

3 Responses to “Bush’s legacy: endless war”

  1. afterechoes said

    who said anything about leaving office?

    if he starts a precipitous war with Iran he will be impeached – Dick the Cheney takes over and suspends the constitution to fight the 20-30-40 year war against the evil islamofascist empire of doom.

  2. Not if Cheney’s under indictment. That’s what the Plame case is leading to.

  3. Charles said

    Afterechoes, power is based on more than control. It’s based on “legitimacy,” a fuzzy concept meaning that people think a leader belongs in office.

    Dubya, for example, has power because (a) so many people liked (or had been paid off by) his father, (b) he’s known to be vengeful, and (c) millions of Americans imagine that he’s a born-again Christian capably steering us through the End Times.

    Consider how much worse the situation would be if he hadn’t had to so publicly steal the election, creating a base of people like the contributors at Mercury Rising who were suspicious from the start and willing to spend the time lobbying their friends and neighbors.

    At this point, the empire is at the breaking point. South America has thrown off American control. Mexico is shaky, as are other formerly secure economic satrapies like Nigeria and Egypt. The military is still fairly solid, but recruiting is weak. The economy is the main vulnerability, since that’s the foundation for the war machine. They have somehow managed to flood the world with liquidity, to keep the world economy going, but that can’t last forever.

    Cheney has no base on the “Christian” right. I think even the Bush family would like to disown him. He may be vengeful, but as the Libby trial shows, he’s incredibly inept at how he goes about it. He has no power beyond that constitutionally granted.

    I don’t think Bush will be impeached. It’s possible that the military would remove him in a coup. But the veneer of legitimacy in Washington is very thin. An attack on Iran could be done, and US forces could probably decimate the Iranian army if it mounted conventional resistance, but the Iranians are very clever players. They’ve had to be, wedged between the Russian/Soviet empire and a host of empires ranging from the Romans to the Ottomans to the British to the American. And they’ve owned Baghdad before.

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