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In Your Face, Thugs!

Posted by MEC on February 9, 2007

The Republicans in Congress and in the blogosphere and on Fox News are trying to make a big scandal out of the security requirement that the Speaker of the House travel in a military plane, now that the Speaker is a Democrat.

We could counter their attacks by explaining that (a) it wasn’t Nancy Pelosi who decided to requisition a military plane instead of flying commercial, and (b) the “secure” plane on which she travels has to have the fuel capacity to make it all the way from D.C. to California.

But you know how much effect facts and reason have on those people. So let’s just show them what we think of their attempts to undermine Speaker Pelosi’s authority and integrity — and remind them of inconvenient truths.

The clever folks in Salon‘s Table Talk forum suggest we refer to the military plane in which Speaker Pelosi travels as “Air Force Three.”

3 Responses to “In Your Face, Thugs!”

  1. BEG said

    Thanks for the chuckle…

  2. Keith Olbermann must be reading TableTalk. He called it Air Force Three.

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