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It’s official. Pentagon IG report slams Bushco.

Posted by Charles II on February 9, 2007

This is to follow up on MEC’s post below.

Titled Review of Pre-Iraqi War Activities by the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy, the Inspector General of the Department of Defense has exposed a number of the lies that undergird the Republican myths on Iraq.

It says that Douglas Feith “developed, produced and then disseminated alternative intelligence assessments on the Iraq and al-Qaida relationship that included some assessments that were inconsistent with the consensus of the Intelligence Community,” which it called “inappropriate.”   

Sen. Carl Levin released the Executive Summary, and provided one example:

…the Feith office promoted the view that a meeting allegedly took place in Prague in April of 2001 – 5 months before 9/11 – between the lead 9/11 hijacker, Mohammed Atta, and an Iraqi intelligence officer. The Feith office took the position that this alleged meeting was “key” evidence of Iraqi involvement in the 9/11 attacks – despite the fact that the Intelligence Community was skeptical that the meeting ever happened….

I wish that our elected officials could be a lot more blunt. This is, however, one more crack in the facade of our militarized state. 

2 Responses to “It’s official. Pentagon IG report slams Bushco.”

  1. MNObserver said

    “Inconsistent with the consensus of the Intelligence Community”

    Interesting way of saying “totally completely and utterly fucking untrue.”

  2. I wish you were working at the Pentagon’s Inspector General office, MNO, instead of, say, L. Jean Lewis.

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