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Posted by Phoenix Woman on February 11, 2007

Looks like that “slam-dunk” evidence that Iran is arming Iraqi insurgents is not so slam-dunk after all.  NewsHog has the scoop, here and here.  (In addition:  As a commenter at NewsHog noted, the UK uses shells of that type, so there’s a strong likelihood that this was grabbed out of a Brit ammo dump in Iraq, given a cursory rebranding, and then ‘found’ in an insurgents’ den.)

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  2. Cranford said

    I did a quick google search of the 81mm mortor shell and found someone else who manufactures and uses them. I hope this doesn’t come as to great a shock; but so does Isreal. It is surprising what shows up when you start looking for things.

  3. Oh, it is, isn’t it. Though I do think that it’s much more likely the shell was simply pulled from a Brit ammo dump and restenciled. My only question is if these were the same geniuses that gave us the faked Niger documents, or if they’re a different group of fakers.

  4. L.Tooke said

    Ok, Ok you all win the “where’d it come from prize”! This link contains this info:
    A photo w/81mm mortar shell found by Iraq police S.E. of Baghdad January 13,2007. On it is written in English:
    The caption says, “A photo of a roadside bomb released by the US military today. The US claims the device was made in Iran for insurgents in Iraq.” My high-school journalism teacher would have flunked me out of yearbook for such a stupid stunt! Can we say “impeachment” for betrayal of public trust and abuse of power? If it weren’t so deadly serious, I’d say laugh it off. But the U.S. Constitution still starts with “We The People” — it’s OUR country, not the Administrations. And for those who slept during civics class, impeachment is a POLITICAL process, not judicial; and abuse of power is a POLITICAL matter. We’ve all gotten a lot sharper on the “scam detector” senstivity scale Good work, team.

  5. “Coalition forces have seized IEDs and components that were clearly produced in Iran.” One example shown was a Iranian 81mm mortor shell with english markings and a western date. Many of you have not done your research and have bought into the idea that this is all disinformation. Well I have done my homework and the mortor is indeed an Iranian made mortor known as the 81 mm HM15 produced by Defence Industries Organization (D.I.O.) , affiliated to the Ministry of Defence and Armed Forces Logistics was established in 1924 and it’s entire capital belongs to the government of I.R.Iran Contact info

    You can see the English labeled products by going out to

    Here is a description:

    81 mm HM15
    Hadid 81mm mortar launchers are of unrifled and barrel-loading type with 360o of firing field.
    Because of possessing high shooting angle, this weapon enables to fire from behind of obstacles.
    In regions where routs are impracticable, the mortar can be taken apart and carried by infantry.
    Due to its simple structure, it can be erected and operated only by two or three persons.

    hadid mortar 81mm ammunition

    This Mortar Bomb is intended for illuminating a desired point or area and consists of a time fuze, thin-walled steel body-tube, parachute, steel tail cone and fin assemblies containing propellant increment charges, ignition cartridge and propulsion cartridge.
    A tail cone is inserted into the body tube and is held in position by four equally spaced shear pins.
    The illuminant assembly consists of a first-fire charge and an illuminant contained in a box board case.
    The parachute assembly is attached to the illuminant assembly casing by a steel suspension wire.
    it’s the white bombs of the pic.

    81 mm LONG RANGE
    DIO has improved his normal type Mortar Bombs to achieve Long Range ones of 60mm and 81mm.
    The improvement is not only in the range but also in their performance.
    With more volume of explosive material, the new types have more explosion power and respectively much better fragments and finally resulting to better performance.
    All these changes are achievable without any changes to the mortar Launchers. are the 2 green and the 2 brown bombs on the pic.

    Both HE and smoke types of 81 mm Mortar Bombs have a symmetrically streamlined steel body with a welded steel eight-fin tail unit screwed to the rear end.
    A primary cartridge fits into the end of the tail tube and increment charges can be clipped into the fins. are the 2 light green bombs and 1 dark green bomb on the pic.

  6. I went and checked the website, John, and funnily enough didn’t run across a single mortar that had the stenciled markings shown on the “Iranian” mortars that even General Peter Pace won’t say are actually Iranian. Strange to see you leaping to the Pentagon’s defense when they’ve already been forced by Pace to walk this one back.

  7. Charles said

    Are “mortor shells” from Mordor?

  8. From the Land of Mordor where the Bushies lie.

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