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Joe Klein Said This?!?

Posted by MEC on February 12, 2007

H/T Atrios, who linked this:

Ok. i don’t care that U.S. intelligence officers didn’t want to reveal their identities when discussing the Iranian munitions that have been used against our troops…. But I don’t buy this:
“The [U.S. intelligence] officials also asserted, without providing direct evidence, that Iranian leaders had authorized smuggling those weapons into Iraq for use against the Americans.”
What this smells like is the Bush administration beating the war drums. As I said, it’s perfectly appropriate to display the ordance coming across the border from Iran, and to take action against IRGC operatives we find working in Iraq, but this Administration has a fabulously phony record when it comes to cooking intel and I’d say that (1) “inferences based on general intelligence assessments” just won’t cut it here and (2) if you’re going to implicate the Iranian leadership, I want to see satellite photos of Ayatollah Khamenei personally lugging the bombs across the border before I come to any conclusions.

2 Responses to “Joe Klein Said This?!?”

  1. Eli said

    Joe Klein has *always* been a war skeptic. Just ask him.

  2. Charles said

    Sure. Ever since he was a war enthusiast.

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