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Some People Learn From Experience

Posted by MEC on February 12, 2007

Democrats skeptical of Iranian weapons claim

A compact disc distributed at the [US press conference in Baghdad] contained photographs of alleged Iranian weapons seized in Iraq — a Misagh-1 ground-to-air missile, explosively formed projectiles, or EFPs, and mortar shells manufacturing, according to their markings, in late 2006.

But the disclosures came less than a week after Congress released a scathing report by acting Pentagon Inspector General Thomas Gimble, in which he argued that former US undersecretary of defense Douglas Feith had manufactured “inappropriate” intelligence reports linking Saddam Hussein and Al-Qaeda to bolster the case for an invasion.


“I look at this with a degree of skepticism, based on the record that these intelligence operations have provided us in the past,” said Christopher Dodd.


Former Democratic presidential nominee Senator John Kerry expressed a similar view, acknowledging that he had no doubt that there were “Iranian instigators, agents in Iraq.” … The Massachusetts senator assured the administration’s new “evidence of Iranian meddling will be met by “a skeptical Congress, and appropriately so, because of the last experience with Iraq.”

At least the Democrats are saying, “Fool me once … won’t get fooled again.” The U.S. news media, maybe not so much. This article is from AFP, a European news service. The BBC also says Democrats[are] wary over Iran claims. A search of Google News for Iran Democrats skepticism didn’t turn up similar headlines from U.S. news outlets. Quotations from skeptical Democrats buried in articles that have headlines proclaiming the accusation, not the skepticism:

Will the Democrats be heard over the drum beats?

[Edited to add:]

At last, the AP half-heartedly acknowledges Democrats’ skepticism:

Skeptical congressional Democrats said Sunday the Bush administration should move cautiously before accusing Iran of fomenting a campaign of violence against U.S. troops in Iraq.


The members of Congress spoke on the morning talk shows as the U.S. military said it believes orders came from the highest levels of the Iranian government to send components for sophisticated roadside bombs in Iraq.

Explosives seem to be flowing into Iraq from Iran, but does it stem from a deliberate government policy or rogue elements within the Iranian government? asked Sen. Jack Reed, D-R.I., who serves on the Senate Armed Services Committee.


Sen. Christopher Dodd, D-Conn., said the administration could be laying the groundwork for an attack on Iran and that “I’m worried about that. That’s how we got into the mess in Iraq,” by relying on what Dodd called “doctored information.”

Senate Intelligence Committee member Ron Wyden, D-Ore., said “the administration is engaged in a drumbeat with Iran that is much like the drumbeat that they did with Iraq. We’re going to insist on accountability.”

But the article still repeats the Pentagon charges without any mention of the evidence against those charges. Instead of committing real journalism, the AP is just repeating gossip, and portraying the issue as a partisan squabble instead of, you know, a serious issue of life and death.

2 Responses to “Some People Learn From Experience”

  1. Check out my last post — the Democrats are right to be skeptical.

  2. Boston1775 said

    Will the Democrats be heard over the drum beats?

    Great question.

    Come on Kennedy, Kerry and Dodd. We’ve got your back. I’ve said it to Dodd and to Imus. It’s time for the Old Lions.

    Senator Kennedy, I worked hard on your 1980 Presidential campaign. I stood in the top row of Madison Square Garden for your speech. We need that man to take on these terrifying times. It will take all of us, and we may not be strong enough. We may not be heard above the drum beats.

    But we must fight for our Dreams or they shall surely die.

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