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This Is Beyond Stupid

Posted by Phoenix Woman on February 12, 2007

A non-trivial chunk of African-American society — with Tavis Smiley and Cornel West leading the charge, apparently — is now attacking Barack Obama for not being black enough.

Granted, they usually don’t say it quite that bluntly — the usual charge is that “he doesn’t have a history of working with civil rights”, which is utter bullcrap, as Obama has been a community activist since 1984 and is well known as such in Chicago in particular and Illinois in general, as this Chicago Reader piece on him from 1995 shows. Here’s a relevant snippet:

Here in Chicago, Obama worked as lead organizer for the Developing Communities Project, a campaign funded by south-side Catholic churches to counteract the dislocation and massive unemployment caused by the closing and downsizing of southeast Chicago steel plants.


From 1984 to ’88 Obama built an organization in Roseland and the nearby Altgeld Gardens public housing complex that mobilized hundreds of citizens. Obama says the campaign experienced “modest successes” in winning residents a place at the table where a job-training facility was launched, asbestos and lead paint were negotiated out of the local schools, and community interests were guarded in the development of the area’s landfills.

And that’s just the start of Obama’s career as a community activist.

But this isn’t stopping even people like Steve Gilliard, who should know better, from reciting the “Obama doesn’t have civil rights experience” crapola. This apparently translates into “he didn’t live in New York City, so it doesn’t count”.

Know what’s really interesting?

One of the excuses given by West and Gilliard and Smiley for black-on-black crapping on Barack Obama is that his father was African and his mother was white. But Colin Powell — who is of African-Caribbean heritage [UPDATE:  And who also has been considered presidential timber — remember 1996?]  — has never, EVER been crapped on by Gilly the way Gilly’s crapping on Obama. (I Googled it, just to be sure.) And unlike Obama, Colin Powell spent much of the last decade enabling Bush’s atrocities.

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  1. MEC said

    Translation: His ancestors weren’t hauled over here on a slave ship, so how can he possibly understand?

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