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Onion Dip. Onion Dip?!

Posted by Phoenix Woman on February 13, 2007

TRex over at Fire Dog Lake catches William Donohue, infamous for hating Jews and women, expending the full fury of his self-righteous wrath on (wait for it) — onion dip.

Onion dip.

Geez Louise.

If this guy wasn’t a conservative, he’d be in a mental institution right now. But of course, as Atrios has noted over and over again, there is nothing, nothing, that a conservative can do that will get him or her banned from the public discourse –with the sole exception of becoming a liberal.

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Posted by Phoenix Woman on February 13, 2007

Chris Dodd — the Good Senator from Connecticut — opens his presidential campaign with a bang:

Today, I plan on re-introducing the Restoring the Constitution Act of 2007. The bill will restore Habeas Corpus protections to detainees, bar information acquired through torture from being introduced as evidence in trials, and limit presidential authority to interpret the meaning and application of the Geneva Conventions.

Please take a moment to watch the video and read the text of the Restoring the Constitution Act of 2007, sign on as a citizen co-sponsor, and forward the bill to your personal networks. While you and I are acutely aware of the damage President Bush has done to our country’s national reputation, too many of our family, friends and neighbors have no idea how far this Administration has gone.

You heard the man.  Go co-sponsor it. 

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The Chickenhawk

Posted by Charles II on February 13, 2007

From DemocracyNow:   

ANNE MILLER: Yeah, over the weekend Senator Clinton spoke in Berlin, Concord and Keene, and there were members of our community who were attending obviously all of those events. I went to hear Senator Clinton speak in Concord and was not called on during the meeting, but afterwards approached the Senator and asked her about the comments that she had made at the AIPAC meeting earlier in the week and asked her if she really would leave all options on the table and how could she threaten, in effect, other countries’ children with nuclear genocide. She looked me right in the eye, and she said, “No options are off the table. We cannot abide by a nuclear-armed Iran. It would be an existential threat to the United States.”

And what I found really interesting in that comment, in that use of the word “existential,” is that isn’t a word that’s used very much in US political discourse, but it is used in Israel’s political discourse. And that’s of deep concern to me that we have a Democratic presidential candidate who is a militarist of this nature and that she isn’t coming out and saying we need strong diplomatic action with Iran, which is really the only answer. There are no military solutions with respect to Iran that I can see.  (emphasis added).

As long as Senator Clinton leaves the unprovoked use of nuclear weapons against an essentially defenseless nation on the table, she’s off mine. In no way, shape, or form is Iran a threat to the existence of the United States.

Weak Democrats who use threats of force to make themselves look strong are even more dangerous than crackpot, Armaggedon Republicans.

So send Chelsea, Senator Clinton. Or volunteer to fight your %$#*ing war against Iran yourself.

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Charlie Norwood, R.I.P.

Posted by MEC on February 13, 2007

U.S. Rep. Charlie Norwood (R-GA) succumbs to cancer.

One of Mr. Norwood’s last acts was to reintroduce his bill for a “patients’ bill of rights”.

Norwood, who decided last week to forgo further medical treatment and spend his final days at home with family, fought for years to push the health-care bill through Congress. The measure would strengthen patients’ rights to fight insurers that deny medical coverage.

Norwood’s original co-sponsor, Democratic Rep. John Dingell of Michigan, is now chairman of the powerful Energy and Commerce Committee that would oversee the legislation.

Passing the bill would be an appropriate memorial.

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Booming and Busting Venezuelan Stocks

Posted by Charles II on February 13, 2007

In the fin de siecle madness that ended in the Crash of 1929, one of the features was price manipulation of stocks by the spreading of false rumors. This enticed small investors to buy stocks, “booming” them or, alternatively sell them to “bust” the stock. Big investors raked in the chips.

I think the same is happening in Venezuela.


The above is a chart from the NYSE of VNT, the American-traded version of CANTV, which is the Venezuelan telephone company. That company is alleged to have wiretapped Chavez at the behest of the United States. Hugo Chavez recently announced that he would nationalize the stock. The press immediately went into overdrive to portray this as a seizure. In fact, he is paying market price.

Note the price crash and its rapid subsequent rise as what I speculate are large investors scoop it up at bargain prices.  Including, I would bet, a bunch of financial journalists who spread the panic.

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Sow The Wind, Reap The Whirlwind

Posted by Phoenix Woman on February 13, 2007

Donohue’s minions think they’re being so cute by DoSing Pandagon so nobody can access the IRS form template Auguste so thoughtfully provided to nail Donohue.

They reckoned without me.

Here’s what you do:

Download Form 3949-A from  (Here’s the direct link.  Thanks, Adam!)  Fill out with the pertinent info on Donahue’s org under #2 (the “business name” side). (Put “N/A” in the individual-name fields under #1.) Here’s the info:

2. Business Name: Catholic League
2a-b. Address: 450 Seventh Avenue, 34th Floor, New York, NY 10123

2c. Emp. ID Num: 23-7279981

2d. Principal Bus. Act.: Non-Profit Political Advocacy

Skip to 4. Check off “Other”.

5a.(Describe violation)

“In his role as President of the Catholic League, a 501(c)(3) organization, William Donohue made national television appearances calling for the firing by the John Edwards for President campaign of two campaign employees. The Catholic League has issued press releases on Feb. 9 ( and Feb. 12 (http// of 2007 specifically pressuring the Edwards campaign to fire these two employees, thus violating TITLE 26, Subtitle F, CHAPTER 76, Subchapter A, Sec. 7409 (a)(2)(i), which instructs 501(c)(3) groups not to intervene in political campaigns.  Donohue’s group should have been especially aware as the IRS has issued a recent fact sheet, FS-2006-17, to remind 501(c)(3) groups that they are not to intervene in political campaigns.  Donohue’s group has also done similar interventions against John Kerry’s political campaign in 2004; On Feb. 7, 2007, Donohue boasted to Tucker Carlson of MSNBC that he caused two Kerry campaign employees to be fired ( Again, this violates TITLE 26, Subtitle F, CHAPTER 76, Subchapter A, Sec. 7409 (a)(2)(i).”

5e — Provide cites.

Then finish w/your name/address/etc. at the bottom.

UPDATE: Looks like “Fidelis”, a quasi-religious but in reality GOP-based hydra-headed group with ties to and a 501(c)(3) arm, is rushing to Bill The Anti-Semite Donohue’s aid. Now they seem to be a touch smarter than Donohue — the fact that they split themselves into four separate groups to keep their tax-exempt religious group status while still engaging in political mischief shows that — but groups like this often have the problem of not putting up nice thick walls between one part of the enterprise and the other. So let’s see what we can do about them, too:

2. Business Name(s): Fidelis (filed for recognition by the IRS as a 501(c)4 organization; may not yet have it, and we can perhaps block it), Fidelis America (Political Action Committee), Fidelis Center for Law and Policy (501(c)3 legal advocacy arm, though they haven’t filed any Form 990s yet, which they need to do as a 501(c)(3)), and the Fidelis Media Fund (Section 527 organization)

2a-b. Address for all four entities: PO BOX 277, Chelsea, MI 48118; 734-433-1329. (Heh, the same P.O. Box for all four entities? This must be run out of somebody’s basement. Not smart, if they really want to claim that all four groups are separate from one another.)

2c. Emp. ID Num: unknown

2d. Principal Bus. Act.: Non-Profit Political Advocacy

Skip to 4. Check off “Other”.

5a.(Describe violation) See above, and add your own information. Happy hunting!

UPDATE #2:  This would have been done sooner, but Akismet’s anti-spam device was just a tad overzealous, and so I didn’t catch these comments until I checked the spam filter.   The narrative information for 5a for the pertinent IRS reg has been corrected thanks to Ian W. Hill in the comments.   Also, thanks to Adam Rakunas for the direct link to the form!

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This Is So Elegant

Posted by Phoenix Woman on February 13, 2007

I wish I had dreamed this up. A guy named Gregory Gadow has created Initiative 957, a legal poison pill of proposed changes to the “Defense of Marriage Act” that just passed in Washington state — changes that will scuttle it if the initiative is made into law:

“Political speeches or sit-ins just do not really sink in,” Gadow says. It’s humor, he believes, that’s needed to rejuvenate the struggle for gay marriage after the blow of Andersen v. King County, the 2006 state supreme court decision that justified the legislature’s decision to outlaw gay marriage by saying marriage was about procreation. So Gadow—who doesn’t personally have a man he’s looking to marry at the moment—is taking the legislature’s intent and the court’s ruling to its logical extreme: All marriages that do not produce a child within three years will be automatically annulled if I-957, which was approved by Secretary of State Sam Reed on January 25, is made law.But, unsurprisingly, it won’t be. Stuart M. Jay, a professor at the UW School of Law, says what Gadow already knows: Since there is no compelling state interest in controlling people’s reproduction, the initiative is “blatantly unconstitutional.” Even if by some miracle it were passed, the courts would have to strike it down, which would actually be a victory for Gadow, since it would cut off Andersen at the knees.

Assuming that the 224,880 necessary signatures can be obtained by July, a much more likely scenario is that it will be voted down, which, Gadow claims, would also be a victory: “We would hold up those votes as votes against the premise that the Andersen decision is based on.”

More like this, please. I hope that gay-rights groups nationwide are paying attention.

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We Are Irrelevant

Posted by MEC on February 13, 2007

N.Korea agrees on disarmament steps

North Korea agreed to take steps toward nuclear disarmament under a groundbreaking deal struck on Tuesday that will bring the impoverished communist state more than $300 million worth of aid.

Under the agreement, which was reached by six countries in Beijing after nearly a week of talks, Pyongyang will freeze the reactor at the heart of its nuclear program and allow international inspections of the site.


The proposed plan hammered out by the two Koreas, the United States, Japan, Russia, and China will only be the first step in locating and dismantling North Korea’s nuclear arms activities, leaving many crucial questions to future negotiations.

Please to recall that this is not how the Busheviks wanted to stop North Korea’s nuclear development. Negotiation wouldn’t work, they insisted.

But it did.

Way to increase the influence and prestige of the United State, Bushie. All you’re doing with your unilateralism (which has become a euphemism for “Bush’s megalomania”) is render the United States irrelevant in international affairs. Which is pretty much the polar opposite of what you and your neocon puppetmasters want. Not that I expect that you’ll learn from this that telling people “You have to do it my way” doesn’t work, any more than you’re learning it from Iraq.

And speaking of irrelevant, why is this quotation included in the story?

John Bolton, former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, said the Communist state should not be rewarded with “massive shipments of heavy fuel oil” for only partially dismantling its nuclear program. “It sends exactly the wrong signal to would-be proliferators around the world,” he told CNN.

John Bolton was emphatically rejected by the Senate. He does not represent the United States government. His opinion should not matter. Considering how pernicious his influence was when he held a government office, Reuters is doing us all a grave disservice by perpetuating that influence.

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Bad News, Good News

Posted by Phoenix Woman on February 13, 2007

The bad news: Amanda Marcotte decided to resign as one of Edwards’ bloggers, as she felt she couldn’t defend and attack the way she would have liked without it coming back to hurt the campaign.

The good news: She’s going to make Bill Donohue regret he ever went after her. (And Melissa is still with the campaign.)  And hey, to those righties who whine that she’s being unfair:  It’s just giving him a taste of his own medicine.

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