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Onion Dip. Onion Dip?!

Posted by Phoenix Woman on February 13, 2007

TRex over at Fire Dog Lake catches William Donohue, infamous for hating Jews and women, expending the full fury of his self-righteous wrath on (wait for it) — onion dip.

Onion dip.

Geez Louise.

If this guy wasn’t a conservative, he’d be in a mental institution right now. But of course, as Atrios has noted over and over again, there is nothing, nothing, that a conservative can do that will get him or her banned from the public discourse –with the sole exception of becoming a liberal.

2 Responses to “Onion Dip. Onion Dip?!

  1. Sachem515 said

    It appeared that Amanda got bombed off the net ( by putting forth the IRS form with her wit attached.

  2. Which is why I’ve posted it over here — with a few extra additions (such as the EIN) that Auguste didn’t have.

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