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Sow The Wind, Reap The Whirlwind

Posted by Phoenix Woman on February 13, 2007

Donohue’s minions think they’re being so cute by DoSing Pandagon so nobody can access the IRS form template Auguste so thoughtfully provided to nail Donohue.

They reckoned without me.

Here’s what you do:

Download Form 3949-A from  (Here’s the direct link.  Thanks, Adam!)  Fill out with the pertinent info on Donahue’s org under #2 (the “business name” side). (Put “N/A” in the individual-name fields under #1.) Here’s the info:

2. Business Name: Catholic League
2a-b. Address: 450 Seventh Avenue, 34th Floor, New York, NY 10123

2c. Emp. ID Num: 23-7279981

2d. Principal Bus. Act.: Non-Profit Political Advocacy

Skip to 4. Check off “Other”.

5a.(Describe violation)

“In his role as President of the Catholic League, a 501(c)(3) organization, William Donohue made national television appearances calling for the firing by the John Edwards for President campaign of two campaign employees. The Catholic League has issued press releases on Feb. 9 ( and Feb. 12 (http// of 2007 specifically pressuring the Edwards campaign to fire these two employees, thus violating TITLE 26, Subtitle F, CHAPTER 76, Subchapter A, Sec. 7409 (a)(2)(i), which instructs 501(c)(3) groups not to intervene in political campaigns.  Donohue’s group should have been especially aware as the IRS has issued a recent fact sheet, FS-2006-17, to remind 501(c)(3) groups that they are not to intervene in political campaigns.  Donohue’s group has also done similar interventions against John Kerry’s political campaign in 2004; On Feb. 7, 2007, Donohue boasted to Tucker Carlson of MSNBC that he caused two Kerry campaign employees to be fired ( Again, this violates TITLE 26, Subtitle F, CHAPTER 76, Subchapter A, Sec. 7409 (a)(2)(i).”

5e — Provide cites.

Then finish w/your name/address/etc. at the bottom.

UPDATE: Looks like “Fidelis”, a quasi-religious but in reality GOP-based hydra-headed group with ties to and a 501(c)(3) arm, is rushing to Bill The Anti-Semite Donohue’s aid. Now they seem to be a touch smarter than Donohue — the fact that they split themselves into four separate groups to keep their tax-exempt religious group status while still engaging in political mischief shows that — but groups like this often have the problem of not putting up nice thick walls between one part of the enterprise and the other. So let’s see what we can do about them, too:

2. Business Name(s): Fidelis (filed for recognition by the IRS as a 501(c)4 organization; may not yet have it, and we can perhaps block it), Fidelis America (Political Action Committee), Fidelis Center for Law and Policy (501(c)3 legal advocacy arm, though they haven’t filed any Form 990s yet, which they need to do as a 501(c)(3)), and the Fidelis Media Fund (Section 527 organization)

2a-b. Address for all four entities: PO BOX 277, Chelsea, MI 48118; 734-433-1329. (Heh, the same P.O. Box for all four entities? This must be run out of somebody’s basement. Not smart, if they really want to claim that all four groups are separate from one another.)

2c. Emp. ID Num: unknown

2d. Principal Bus. Act.: Non-Profit Political Advocacy

Skip to 4. Check off “Other”.

5a.(Describe violation) See above, and add your own information. Happy hunting!

UPDATE #2:  This would have been done sooner, but Akismet’s anti-spam device was just a tad overzealous, and so I didn’t catch these comments until I checked the spam filter.   The narrative information for 5a for the pertinent IRS reg has been corrected thanks to Ian W. Hill in the comments.   Also, thanks to Adam Rakunas for the direct link to the form!

31 Responses to “Sow The Wind, Reap The Whirlwind”

  1. dave™© said

    Thanks! I’m filling it out now!

  2. shayera said

    Done, sent and linked from my place.

  3. paul said

    The form should be accessible directly here.

    Saves a step or two . . . .

  4. Phoenix Woman, do you have any examples for field 5e? Or is citing this URL enough? Just want to make sure I’m giving the IRS the right info so we can knock this bully back to his mom’s basement.

  5. Also, I’ve added a completed version here for those of you who don’t trust your handwriting.

  6. Adam: The URLs with dates are of course the gold standard. URLs linking to videos of Donohue incriminating himself (such as on Tucker Carlson’s MSNBC show) are even better. Media Matters has a ton of stuff on Donohue. And of course, there’s his own website.

    If you don’t have URLs — say, for a TV appearance that hasn’t been posted on the network site or by Crooks and Liars — be as specific with date/time/venue/etc. as you can.

  7. larkspur said

    Just got my filled-out form printed out. Thank you, Phoenix Woman.

  8. Got it. For the poor-of-handwriting (like me), here’s an already filled-out form:

    Click to access DonohueIRSForm_complete.pdf

  9. Bless you!

  10. Zoey & Me said

    Can’t you make it easy for all and do one like a petition so we can all sign with our legal names and addresses? This has me confused already and next up is constant postcards from the IRS which I got the last time I screwed up a form filing.

    • I don’t know about the IRS but many organizations reject online petitions as being unreliable and subject to impersonation. Further, some even count a petition to be ONE submission no matter how many names are on it.

  11. Shakespeare’s Sister resigns, Donohue fans emulate his bigotry

    Shakespeare’s Sister resigned her position with the Edwards campaign today. Like Amanda, she’s gotten obscenity-laden death threats, which is odd since these self same people whine endlessly about her supposed hatefulness and her potty mouth. These j…

  12. vox clamantis in red state said

    Damn Donahue and the cretins that serve his pogrom. Monster of depravity, I do hope your plan to bring him into court over this succeeds.

  13. asimbagirl said

    Phoenix Woman, thank you for this! Followed your link from dKos, and will follow suit. I’m disgusted by the example that these “Christians” are setting for my daughter, who is just beginning her Catholic religious education. I hope that somehow, they find the grace to be ashamed of themselves – though I doubt that they’ll ever have the ability to see the big picture (those with such narrow minds never can) and how they’re ultimately damning their cause.

  14. Lucille said

    Thanks for replicating this! It needs to go everywhere and as many places as possible.

    BTW, I went to the this evening and they still had all of the hate filled press releases attacking the Edwards campaign on their site. I printed them out to send with just in case they took those down and a cache version was too hard to find.

  15. russell said

    Well done Phoenix Woman!

    Thank you.

  16. Phoenix Woman – just to clarify something – I did the same as you and posted the info above on my blog when it vanished from Pandagon.

    They’re not actually in violation of FS-2006-17, because that’s not part of the tax code, but a fact sheet (the 17th FS of 2006) the IRS put out to make it clearer to 501(c)3 groups who weren’t familiar with the code. That fact sheet can be seen HERE.

    The actual section of tax code that the Catholic League is violating is HERE – TITLE 26, Subtitle F, CHAPTER 76, Subchapter A, Sec. 7409 (a)(2)(i). Of course it couldn’t be as simple as FS-2006-17, could it?

    Thanks for getting the League’s Emp. ID # – I couldn’t find that one – and adding the info on Fidelis.

  17. Oh, thank you. Passing on the info.

  18. chicagomench said

    Thanks Adam, I’m a terrible typist. I’ve now copied and mailed. Thanks Pheonix and Adam

  19. chicagomench said

    Copied and sent. great thanks to Pheonixwoman and Adam.

  20. Dear Pheonix Woman,

    Well done. Thanks for spearheading a people-powered response to Donohue’s tax evasion and to his illegally-funded/taxpayer subsidized pollution of our political process.


  21. leslie said

    Thanks to all…
    I linked to you from Dependable Renegade.
    I’ve printed out the form and will mail it on my way to work.
    I’ll do the others after work tonight.

  22. Shayera tipped me off to your post.

    This is great.

  23. lexia said

    I am so very very glad folks are standing up to this kind of illegal bullying by a religious organization.

    I don’t how many remember this, but NOW and others brought suit against the Catholic Church decades ago to revoke the church’s tax-exempt status for the overt lobbying of Congress by the Catholic Council of Bishops to pass laws banning abortion. That case was “Abortion Rights Mobilization, Inc., Et Al., Petitioners V. United
    States Catholic Conference, Et Al.”

    It made its way to the Supreme Court and was finally dismissed in favor of the Catholic Church in 1990. The media summaries I remember from that time said the decision meant that the I.R.S., not the courts, decides who is tax exempt and who isn’t, and that the I.R.S. didn’t have to justify its decisions. Kenneth Star, solicitor general at the time under George H.W. Bush, wrote the brief favoring the Catholic Church. ( The “lack of standing” on which the decision was officially based was another of the curious twists in U.S. case law, like U.S.A. v. Morrison, that disallow rights for some and retain them for others on identical grounds.

    What is noteworthy here, among many convoluted arguments, is the supremely twisted one that because the plaintiffs were obeying the law and paying taxes if engaging in political activity and not engaging in political activity if tax exempt, they were not directly in competition with the Catholic Church, which *was* acting as a political organization, and therefore the plaintiffs were not injured and did not as a result have standing to sue. (summary of Judge Newman’s 2nd. Circuit dissent pointing that out here: So the upshot of the decision was that if a tax-exempt entity breaks the law and engages in political activity, it is immune from any challenge except by other law-breaking tax-exempt organizations.

    Any guesses as to which ones will have their tax-exempt status pulled before it ever gets that far?

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  26. SAP said

    Thanks, Phoenix Woman. And thanks doubly, Adam, for the PDF.

  27. mdhatter said

    I wonder if he can be made to pay back taxes?

  28. Your Uncle Bastard said

    Well, I happen to live *verrrry* close to Chelsea, MI and just dialed up that phone number. Surprise surprise, it goes directly to a voice tree, offering mailboxes for one Joseph Sella (sp?) and Brian Birch (sp?), and nobody else.

    OK kids, I gave you the names, now GOOGLE! :)

    This should be fun – I hate wingnuts, especially when they live so damned close to me.

  29. Paul Taylor said

    Does it come as any shock that there is a Joseph Cella who is a “former employee” of Tom Monaghan, as well as an address for one Joseph Cella less than a mile away?

    Google will bring up this address, which I am loathe to publish.

    Did I mention there is a phone number listed, as well?

    These guys are BAD Catholics, BAD Christians, and just generally BAD people.

  30. swassinly said

    OK, let me repeat that… I want make the best use of my alert expression I have a nice fresh joke for you people) What do you call it when instead of raining cats and dogs, it rains chickens, ducks and turkeys? Fowl Weather!

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