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We Are Irrelevant

Posted by MEC on February 13, 2007

N.Korea agrees on disarmament steps

North Korea agreed to take steps toward nuclear disarmament under a groundbreaking deal struck on Tuesday that will bring the impoverished communist state more than $300 million worth of aid.

Under the agreement, which was reached by six countries in Beijing after nearly a week of talks, Pyongyang will freeze the reactor at the heart of its nuclear program and allow international inspections of the site.


The proposed plan hammered out by the two Koreas, the United States, Japan, Russia, and China will only be the first step in locating and dismantling North Korea’s nuclear arms activities, leaving many crucial questions to future negotiations.

Please to recall that this is not how the Busheviks wanted to stop North Korea’s nuclear development. Negotiation wouldn’t work, they insisted.

But it did.

Way to increase the influence and prestige of the United State, Bushie. All you’re doing with your unilateralism (which has become a euphemism for “Bush’s megalomania”) is render the United States irrelevant in international affairs. Which is pretty much the polar opposite of what you and your neocon puppetmasters want. Not that I expect that you’ll learn from this that telling people “You have to do it my way” doesn’t work, any more than you’re learning it from Iraq.

And speaking of irrelevant, why is this quotation included in the story?

John Bolton, former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, said the Communist state should not be rewarded with “massive shipments of heavy fuel oil” for only partially dismantling its nuclear program. “It sends exactly the wrong signal to would-be proliferators around the world,” he told CNN.

John Bolton was emphatically rejected by the Senate. He does not represent the United States government. His opinion should not matter. Considering how pernicious his influence was when he held a government office, Reuters is doing us all a grave disservice by perpetuating that influence.

3 Responses to “We Are Irrelevant”

  1. Heh. What a difference not having Melody Townsel’s harrasser around makes.

  2. nicteis said

    Let’s bear in mind, we had this “agreement” already when Bush took office. He decided to kick it over, allowing Pyongyang to:

    (1) Procure half a dozen or more working a-bombs.


    (3) Retain that plutonium, and any that has since been bred out of sight of the monitors, and divvy it up among any number of secret locations of their own choosing.

    and now
    (4) Allow inspection of one (count ’em, 1) site, which they say contains all their current plutonium. In the Clinton days, we knew where all their material was. In the Bush days, thanks to his brilliant “leadership”, we have to take it on trust that this is the whole shebang.

    I have to say, though, that aside from that oh so trivial problem, this is a triumph for what the Bushies have claimed is their policy: namely, to eschew one-on-one talks in favor of six-party talks (largely to avoid having security guarantees from the U.S. on the table.)

  3. atablarasa said

    At least when NPR brought up that quote this morning the response was (more or less) “Mr. Bolton as a private citizen is entitled to speak his mind, but it’s irrelevant.”

    But shame on NPR for bringing it up.

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