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A Republican Tells the Truth

Posted by MEC on February 15, 2007

No wonder Republicans lie all the time. When they tell the truth, they reveal their contempt for democracy.

Case in point: Saul Anuzis, recently re-elected chair of the Michigan Republican Party, who has been traveling around the state admitting that the only reason Michigan Republicans kept all their Congressional seats and barely maintained a majority in the state senate was that the Republican-dominated state legislature carried gerrymandering to new extremes.

“And we still held on to the (State) Senate, although we lost the (State) House. One of the reasons – it shows how good our gerrymandering plan is. When the Democrats blame us for gerrymandering the districts, they’re right, we did and we will do it again if we can.”


“We have good Republican seats. We have nine Republican gerrymandered (Congressional) seats. Let’s be honest, we gerrymandered them for Republican advantage and they worked.”


“Every Midwest state in the country that had a competitive seat, lost seats except for us. I think it’s both an indication of A – We did a good job gerrymandering the (Congressional) districts.”


“Now we had a deficit of 316,000 votes statewide but we kept a (State Senate) majority which again is due to our gerrymandering, which we have done for two decades.”

Even the Republicans themselves know they can only win by cheating.

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