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Friday Cat Blogging

Posted by MEC on February 16, 2007

La Chatte Noire

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The Philip Giordano Wing

Posted by Phoenix Woman on February 16, 2007

Adam B over at MyDD brings us the following lovely news:

Former Rep. Joseph McDade, 75 years old, has been arrested for masturbating in public at a Florida resort. After his 1998 retirement, McDade was replaced in the seat by Rep. Don Sherwood, whose own sexual misconduct led to his 2006 defeat.

Sounds like another candidate for my proposed Philip Giordano Wing for a Federal penitentiary to house elected Republican sex offenders. He could be the cellmate of soon-to-be-former-Nevada-Governor Jim Gibbons.

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Affirmative Action And The Three Fallacies Its Enemies Use To Fight It

Posted by Phoenix Woman on February 16, 2007

David A. Love calls the anti-affirmative-action crowd on their bogosities:

In hard economic times in America, people look for someone to blame for their insecurities. And the forces behind these anti-affirmative action initiatives appeal to white Americans by perpetuating a number of fallacies.


The first fallacy is that, up until the civil rights era, when college campuses began to open up their doors to people of color and women, a system of academic merit had guided university admissions decisions. In reality, colleges gave preferential treatment to children of alumni and to athletes.


The second is that now that large numbers of unqualified minorities and women are admitted, they are taking spots from more qualified candidates, stealing something they do not deserve. But almost all minorities and women who are accepted have strong qualifications.


The third fallacy is that a single test is an adequate measure of merit, much less potential. Not true. Standardized tests often put women and blacks and Latinos at a disadvantage. And success in college is not directly proportional to how well you can fill in circles with a No. 2 pencil.

Love also points out that affirmative action’s foes seem to seek out places with 1) depressed economies (Michigan’s economy, with the collapse of the American auto industry, certainly qualifies) and 2) high percentages of white people, especially former auto and steel workers angry about their current plight.

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I Was Going To Do A Long Post On Malkin’s Flying-Monkey Squaddies…

Posted by Phoenix Woman on February 16, 2007

…focusing on their anger, their frustrations over the collapse of their world view, the plummeting respect the media has for them even as reality-based blogs like FDL gain a better public image for their sincere efforts to improve the way the press functions,  the ways in which they make their anger known, and their increasing danger to society as their hold on reality slackens even as their anger grows.

But TRex over at Firedoglake beat me to it.  Go check him out.

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