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Hillary, McCain and Rudy

Posted by Phoenix Woman on February 17, 2007


I hold no brief for Hillary, but I agree:

If the press is going to go after her and Bill for a) piggybacking on a powerful spouse and b) being a horndog, then why not ask (as Jamison Foser of Media Matters asks) the media why they aren’t talking about John McCain’s piggybacking on his rich and connected wife Cindy? 

Or Rudy Giuliani’s and McCain’s horn-doggery? 

Or — as Foser doesn’t mention — Rudy’s own reliance on HIS rich-and-connected then-wife, Donna Hanover, without whom Rudy would be nothing?  (Remember, Donna Hanover used her position as a popular NYC TV personality to promote Rudy into the stratosphere, then found herself dumped like week-old garbage once Rudy won the mayor’s job.)

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