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The Surprising Thing Is When BushCo Does Something That ISN’T Corrupt

Posted by Phoenix Woman on February 18, 2007

Ah, yes, the Bush Junta.  The folks who fire prosecutors who (like Carol Lam) are a leeeetle too good at prosecuting, especially of hideously corrupt Republican members of Congress — and at the same time look the other way when their good friend and longtime patron Sun Myung Moon pulls yet another scam.  (Meanwhile, the amount of money Moon has poured into his right-wing propaganda empire — money that comes from scams like the ones detailed in the link above — has now topped $3 billion, according to former Washington Times reporter George Archibald.)

One Response to “The Surprising Thing Is When BushCo Does Something That ISN’T Corrupt”

  1. Charles said

    You beat me to it.

    I think the reason nothing gets done about it is that no one believes that a criminal enterprise could operate so openly. Some of the items Parry cites:

    * smuggling vast sums of money from overseas
    * linked to major crime syndicates including the Japanese yakuza and Latin American cocaine cartels
    * poaching baby leopard sharks from San Francisco Bay
    * abusing the tax exempt status of the church to conceal moneymaking enterprises
    * fraud
    * exploiting the elderly
    * money laundering
    * committing a putsch

    And it’s all ok because Moon supports Republicans, many of whom are doubtless in on the criminal enterprises.

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