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Posted by Charles II on February 19, 2007

The following is a vid of Teheran.

The real Teheran. Not the hate object spewed out on American TV screens.

The real places you might some day visit.

The real people you might some day meet.

Aren’t you glad you work for peace?

4 Responses to “Peacetrain”

  1. I sure am, Charles. (I’m also glad that the new spam filter on MR is even better than the old one was over at Blogger. It caught the banned neo-Nazi alcoholic misogynist, memorized his ISP (both his actual one and his Hotmail account), and cast him into the outer darkness. Buh-bye, banned boy!)

  2. brat said

    Many thanks for posting the pictures of Tehran. What a beautiful city.

    Here’s an point: Both you and Gilliard have posted pictures and maps of certain parts of the world that most Americans don’t see on a regular basis. It’s a great way to educate Americans as to the basic geography of an area. So much of what gets presented on the M$M is Bush propaganda: It’s nameless, placeless, and faceless crap for a reason.

    Thank you for the education.

  3. Charles said

    Thanks, Brat.

    I do feel that much of the violence our nation commits can only happen because Americans are terribly ignorant about the rest of the world. When they actually see what and who they are being called to bomb, suddenly they’re not so eager.

    War is sometimes inevitable. But we have had something like FIFTY wars, large and small, since WW II. Very few of them were legal. Most of them were based on lies and accomplished nothing. Almost all of them wreaked death and destruction on beautiful places and harmless people.

  4. jo6pac said

    And the US is geting ready to bring freedom to Iran. Sad

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