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A Baghdad Bob Moment

Posted by MEC on February 20, 2007

British troops are pulling out of Iraq

Prime Minister Tony Blair will announce on Wednesday a new timetable for the withdrawal of British troops from Iraq, with 1,500 to return home in several weeks, the BBC reported.

The Bush Administration’s comment on the pullout:

Bush views Britain’s troop cutbacks as “a sign of success” in Iraq, said U.S. National Security Council spokesman Gordon Johndroe. “While the United Kingdom is maintaining a robust force in southern Iraq, we’re pleased that conditions in Basra have improved sufficiently that they are able to transition more control to the Iraqis.”

Um, yeah. Right. And just think about all those schools that have been painted.

5 Responses to “A Baghdad Bob Moment”

  1. Sornie said

    It should come as a comfort then that Australia is training and preparing somewhere around 70 of their own troops to send to Iraq to train Iraqi troops. See, there’s still a coalition!!!

  2. […] Well, if withdrawing just 3,000 troops is “a sign of success,” just think of how successy it would be to withdraw 130,000! The Islamofascists would never recover from all that successiness! (h/t Mercury Rising) […]

  3. Eli said

    My reaction is that we need a lot more success just like this.

  4. Eli said

    Guess my comment is kinda superfluous now – I forgot about the auto-trackback/blogwhoring feature…

  5. nicteis said

    The Brits are successfully clearing extraneous foreign troops out of the way of the advancing infantries: Yanks on the west and Persians on the east. They’re turning the task of being caught in that particular meat grinder over to the Iraqis.

    Who have had so much experience with being ground into meat.

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