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Another Way Iraq Is Like Vietnam

Posted by MEC on February 21, 2007

The SDS is back.

Yes, that SDS. (You young folks can look it up when you get home.)

University of Michigan students have formed a chapter of the Students for a Democratic Society, following a wave of nationwide activity. The group rekindles the SDS movement that defined activism during the Vietnam War.


Around 250 chapters have formed nationwide, including the one at U-M, which this month had its first meeting, of about 30 students. The Jan. 27 peace march in Washington, in which about 500 students marched under the SDS banner, helped spark the growth.


The SDS activity is a welcome change from the sense of helplessness that seems to grip too many college students, despite opposition to the war in Congress.

Conventional Wisdom has it that young people today aren’t involved in the antiwar movement and politics in general because they don’t have the personal concerns that the draft gave them during the Vietnam War era. Conventional Wisdom has been wrong before.

One Response to “Another Way Iraq Is Like Vietnam”

  1. Charles said

    Radicalization is what is so dangerous about periods like this.

    The SDS overall was not a bad organization. Rabbi Michael Lerner was a member, for example. I am also persuaded that, contrary to the Wikipedia article, the main cause of the excesses of the SDS was instigation by the FBI.

    But the Weathermen, who were dangerous, spun off from SDS. Societies are based on consensus, and when that consensus breaks down, people can drift off into chaos. When conventional avenues of change, like elections, fail to function, then societies fragment.

    What’s significant is not the re-emergence of SDS per se, but the fact that people are so alienated from what our nation if doing that they would attach their names to what was once a discredited organization.

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