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Wednesday Morning News Roundup

Posted by Phoenix Woman on February 21, 2007

— Gee, maybe if Bush and his PNAC Platoon buddies hadn’t let Ahmad Chalabi lead them by the nose into a disastrous and region-destabilizing invasion and occupation of Iraq, we might have been able to fully commit ourselves to taking out Bin Laden and the Taliban once and for all, and stuff like this wouldn’t be happening.

— Speaking of Iraq, it’s been reiterated once again that the chief qualification to be part of the US occupation team was to be a Bush partisan; actual experts in Middle Eastern culture and language, not to mention nation-building, were frozen out in favor of BushCo zampolit.

— Hey, news outfits:  Why use stale AP wire service news when you can — gasp!hire actual reporters!  Go ahead, think globally — but hire and report locally!

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