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Posted by MEC on February 22, 2007

ABC called it an interview of Dick Cheney by Jonathan Karl. I call it Jonathan Karl feeding Cheney his lines.

Karl: Now you just made a very clear statement in your speech saying the American people do not support a policy of retreat.


Cheney: I believe that.


Karl: Is that policy that we hear from the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, from other Democrats, is that a policy of defeat?


Cheney: Yes.


Karl: So the American people don’t stand with the Democrats, what the Democrats are trying to do?

I expected the next question to be, “Would you say that anybody who disagrees with you is a traitor?”

This. Is not journalism. Dick Cheney said nothing in this interview that he hasn’t said every time he opens his mouth.

To paraphrase Matt Taibbi,

If nothing happens, then you can’t have ‘news,’ because nothing has changed since the day before. Dick Cheney was dishonest and despotic last Thursday, dishonest and despotic on Friday, and dishonest and despotic on both Saturday and Sunday. He was, shockingly, also dishonest and despotic on Monday.”

The questions I quoted are the worst of it; but throughout the interview, Jonathan Karl made no attempt whatever to challenge Cheney’s assertions, to get new revelations out of him, to hold him accountable to the American people. This interview was not journalism. It was propaganda, and ABC News should be ashamed to have promoted this farce, except that all the people in the mainstream media collectively haven’t enough self-respect to feel shame.

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