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Get Well, Steve Gilliard

Posted by MEC on February 24, 2007

Steve Gilliard is one of the best. And he’s going through a bad time right now.

Gilly is in the hospital for observation and treatment of an unspecified infection which is causing a cough, fever, and other symptoms. He is undergoing treatment and may be out by Wednesday…. He was supposed to go in for routine tests; maybe get a scrip and go home. But now, we’re coordinating getting him shit in the ICU and other stuff.

Whatever you believe or don’t, send prayers and/or good wishes his way.

2 Responses to “Get Well, Steve Gilliard”

  1. Thanks, MEC!

  2. Charles said

    ICU? Yikes.

    Even if the cough doesn’t kill you, the fees will. Get well quick, Gilly.

    Lord, hear our prayer…

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