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How Bush Supports the Troops

Posted by MEC on February 24, 2007

A letter in the Detroit Free Press counts the ways.

The Bush budget does the following:

1. It raises the cost of veterans’ health care and prescriptions.

2. It eliminates 28,000 housing units for enlisted families.

3. It sets a scale for health insurance that effectively eliminates those in the pay grades that earn $10,000 to $26,000, pretty much all enlisted personnel.

4. It cut $2 billion from the VA.

5. Amputees at Walter Reed Army Hospital are housed in shabby, rundown motels with rats.

6. It allows predatory lenders to charge 900% interest on loans for GIs.

I see bumper stickers all over that read “Support our troops.” What I don’t see is outrage in the treatment of those troops. I urge everyone to call, write, e-mail your congressperson and ask the hard questions. Bumper stickers just aren’t doing it.

William E. Perry
Rochester Hills

Mr. Perry’s list omits a crucial factor in Bush’s budget: It preserves the tax cuts for the rich. That’s why he has to cut the programs for people who need and deserve the government’s help, so he can shovel money into the pockets of people who already have more than they need.

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