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I Had To Share This With Y’All

Posted by Phoenix Woman on February 24, 2007

After I made this post on Michele Bachmann over at Fire Dog Lake, Alicia Morgan was nice enough to create this wonderful bit of graphic art in honor of Minnesota’s Sixth Congressional District’s answer to Katherine Harris:

Michele Bachmann, as done by Alicia Morgan in the style of Margaret Keane

I just love this so much.

The original can be found over here.

UPDATE:  Alicia has now made a few additions to the pic:


3 Responses to “I Had To Share This With Y’All”

  1. MEC said

    That’s a flattering portrait.

  2. johnieb said

    And I’m over here from FireDogLake’s link, which I followed because my daughter lives in Phoenix, and I’d hoped to read a little local, in that I’m toying around with the snowbird procrastination, however much I like CT.

    Also good to see a progressive voice against torture there; do you know the work of Sr. Diane Ortiz with TASSC? Good people, I think; her book is moving.

  3. Alicia said

    PW – I found a wilted flower to add to the picture, which I’ve put up at Hooterville. It also has text, but I have a copy on my computer w/o text if you prefer.

    Glad you like it. I spend a decent amount of time trying to find the funny side of the tragedy that is this despicable administration, because it keeps me from being paralyzed by depression. If I couldn’t laugh, I’d be crying all day and no use to anyone.

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