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Will Generals Resign If Iran Is Attacked?

Posted by Phoenix Woman on February 25, 2007

As anyone who has a brain not stuffed with BushCo and PNAC propaganda knows, a US attack on Iran would be immoral, illegal and disastrous for virtually everyone but Osama bin Laden and his friends, who would welcome the fresh stream of outraged recruits this would send to him.

In fact, the scuttlebutt is that if Bush does order an attack on Iran, it will cause a fair number of the generals in the Pentagon to resign

Here’s Brent Budowsky on this prospect:

Stories are now circulating suggesting that a number of U.S. Generals intend on resigning in protest if the United States launches an attack against Iran (“US generals ‘will quit’ if Bush orders Iran attack”, The Times, U.K., February 25, 2007).


Many of us have argued for military, intelligence and diplomatic reasons that an attack against Iran would have catastrophic consequences throughout the Middle East and for our troops in Iraq.


It is time for the Foreign Relations, Armed Services and Intelligence Committees to follow up on news stories that cannot yet be verified. Is it true that senior American military leaders have indicated they will indeed resign if there is an attack against Iran?


First the proper Congressional committees and ultimately the American people have a right to know, whether or not our military leaders are alarmed enough by the prospect of another war, to consider resigning.


The stakes are high, the dangers are real, and time may be short. Congress must assert its role under the Constitution, immediately.

One Response to “Will Generals Resign If Iran Is Attacked?”

  1. Na ga ha pen.

    Military guys talk a much tougher game than they play. There should have been mass resignations over Iraq, both regarding the lie-up to the war and in the afterblather. But basically top brass have waited until their pensions were vested before saying anything.

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