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Well, it is 2000AD and then some. How’re we doing?

Posted by Charles II on February 26, 2007

Judge Dredd v. the supernatural in the sci-fi graphic, 2000AD. (Image from the BBC)

“Like so mucch of science fiction, the comic 2000AD, celebrating its 30th birthday, has to cope with its “predictions” coming to pass rather more quickly than expected.

The comic’s most famous character, the unblinking dispenser of justice, Judge Dredd, has become a byword for excessive authoritarian powers.

…[Says Pat Mills] “If you look on the back of the very first Judge Dredd prog [issue] there is a wonderful view of Mega City One and there are all these spy cameras everywhere. It shows in some area the present has caught up with it.”

Alan Grant, a long-term writer for both Judge Dredd and Batman, said that the comic was shaped by the cauldron of politics in Thatcherite Britain.”

The likeness of Samuel Alito is both apt and prescient, don’t you think?

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