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Bush’s Latest Shame: The Walter Reed Scandal

Posted by Phoenix Woman on February 28, 2007

Brent Budowsky speaks. You listen:

When the Marine Corps pathologist said up to 70 percent of American casualties in Iraq were preventable, this means they were not killed or wounded only by enemy attack, but by negligence in Washington that could have prevented these wounds and deaths, but did not.




What is the legal culpability of the drunken driver who gets tanked and kills five innocent victims? And is released, gets drunk again, and kills five hundred more? And does it again, gets drunk, drives, and kills a thousand more?


Have we lost all sense of decency and honor that even after the Marine Corps pathologist shames us by quantifying our negligence, this continues? We are a nation to whom God has given much, with heroes who give all in service.


We are a nation where markets are awash in cash. Millionaires proliferate in record number. Our news is obsessed with Britney’s hair and Anna Nicole’s corpse. Some dance to their iPods. Others count their stock options and worry about their housing bubbles.


Yet our heroes give their lives in Arabia or come to be treated like dirt only miles from the Capitol while politicians proclaim their love for the troops. Shame, shame, shame.

Bush’s malignant neglect has caused a slow bleed at Walter Reed. It’s disgusting that BushCo’s surrogates are attacking Jack Murtha for “not supporting the troops” when he goes to visit the troops at Walter Reed all the time and none of his attackers have probably set foot in the place.  Meanwhile, Bush’s way of dealing with the horrific conditions at Walter Reed:  Telling its victims to shut up and sit down — or else.

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