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Bush’s Slow Bleed Attorney Massacre Continues

Posted by Phoenix Woman on February 28, 2007

From McClatchy (Knight-Ridder) via Oliver Willis:

The U.S. attorney from New Mexico who was recently fired by the Bush administration said Wednesday that he believes he was forced out because he refused to rush an indictment in an ongoing probe of local Democrats a month before November’s Congressional elections.


David Iglesias said two members of Congress separately called in mid October to inquire about the timing of an ongoing probe of a kickback scheme and appeared eager for an indictment to be issued on the eve of the elections in order to benefit the Republicans. He refused to name the members of Congress because he said he feared retaliation.

Iglesias should just cut loose and name them — it’s not as if he has anything to lose at this point.   We can rally the troops behind him.  (Unless, of course, he’s saving it for a lawsuit. )

2 Responses to “Bush’s Slow Bleed Attorney Massacre Continues”

  1. nima said

    Looks like he won’t have to wait long to have his chance.

  2. Eli said

    My theory was that if he named the congresscritters without having proof, it could be considered some kind of libel.

    Either that, or he’s still being the loyal soldier even after getting shat on.

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