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Bush appoints VA head Nicholson to rate his performance as VA head

Posted by Charles II on March 7, 2007

Via, whose representative Larry Scott appeared on Thom Hartmann, we learn that Bush has directed VA head Jim Nicholson to cut through the red tape he wrapped around Walter Reed in the course of privatizing military medicine. In other words, the fox has been directed to head a commission to investigate how best to dine on poultry. 

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Kidnapping or defection? Iranian general vanishes in Turkey

Posted by Charles II on March 7, 2007

Julian Borger in The Guardian: 

A former Iranian deputy defence minister and Revolutionary Guard general has disappeared in Istanbul, amid reports that he has defected to the west and counter-claims from Tehran that he has been abducted.

Iranian police alleged that Ali Reza Asgari had been kidnapped by “western intelligence services” from a hotel in Istanbul last month. But the police did not explain what he had been doing in Turkey, other than saying he had flown there after a similarly unexplained visit to Syria….


[The] Turkish newspaper, Milliyet, quoted unnamed officials as saying that police and intelligence investigations had discovered that the retired Iranian officer opposed the government of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and had information to share about its nuclear programme.


In Israel, a former Mossad official, Ram Igra, claimed that before his defence ministry post, Gen Asgari had played a critical role in Iran’s Revolutionary Guards in Lebanon, helping to found Hizbullah….


Menashe Amir, an Israeli analyst of Iranian affairs, said he had information suggesting Gen Asgari’s family had been with him when he vanished. …”It’s very possible that he decided to defect.”

But Rasool Nafisi, an Iranian political analyst at Strayer University in Virginia, suggested the disappearance bore the trademarks of the main Iranian rebel [American-backed terrorist] group, the Mujahedin-e-Khalq (MEK), which is currently based in a US-guarded military camp inside Iraq. “My guess is that it’s the MEK….”

I find it very difficult to believe that a senior Iranian official would defect after witnessing how the US treated Iraq.

Unless he was an American agent.

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Where Is George Tenet?

Posted by MEC on March 7, 2007

Has it occurred to anybody to ask George Tenet to make a statement about the Libby verdict? After all, he made the request for a criminal investigation of his agent’s outing in the first place.

Bonus points for getting him to confirm, out there in public and everything, that Valerie Plame Wilson was, in fact, a covert agent, and that, in fact, was the reason it was a matter for a criminal investigation.

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HEADLINER: You know what’s happening to our wounded. Do not fail to now act, lest you become complicit.

Posted by Charles II on March 7, 2007

One of the things that hacks me the most about the GOP is how they use the troops for political purposes. People get very emotional about the troops, which would be good if that emotion led them to act.

Back in that long nightmare of peace and prosperity called The Clinton Administration, a woman was ranting to me that some military families receive public assistance rather than a living wage. I pointed out, very mildly, that the poverty rate among the military was a small fraction of what the civilian poverty rate is. During peacetime, I said, military families do relatively well. The problem is wartime. When troops put themselves on the firing line, they not only deserve more pay, they need it to cover costs. Plus, of course, they deserve top flight medical benefits. And it’s precisely at that time that they don’t get what they need.

The only result was more ranting on her part. And yet I would bet that in a practical sense I was doing more to help veterans than she was. One way is through America’s Second Harvest, which gets the food to food banks. It helps all the poor, some of whom are military families. And then there’s a host of ways to help veterans described by Iraq Afghanistan Veterans for America here.

I donated to The Bob Woodruff Family Fund for Traumatic Brain Injury. Not because I am such a great and generous fellow, but because it was the least I could do. Our Republican countrymen, against our advice and only thanks to a stolen election, sent our brothers and fathers and sisters and mothers into harm’s way, ill-equipped in both armor and training for counterinsurgency. The Yellow Elephants are beneath contempt. But precisely because Republicans are such sons of b$#%^&s, it falls to Democrats to do the right thing.

Donate. Volunteer. And speak out to expose the lie that “the left” is responsible for the wrongs done to America’s servicemen and servicewomen.

You been told, hear?

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The next site of economic contagion: Eastern Europe?

Posted by Charles II on March 7, 2007

From AP at Forex News:

 International analysts on Wednesday welcomed a package of inflation-cutting measures adopted in Latvia, but warned that the efforts may be “too little too late” and that the fastest-growing economy in the European Union still risked a hard landing.
On Tuesday the Latvian government approved a number of emergency measures to combat economic overheating, including balancing the budget, taxing real estate transactions and regulating bank lending.
“I think these measures are welcome, but they’re quite late,” said Lars Christensen, senior analyst at Danske Bank in Copenhagen. “At this point it’s seems pretty difficult to avoid a hard landing in the Latvian economy, especially in the property market.”

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More Like This, Please!

Posted by Phoenix Woman on March 7, 2007

I love it when my Democratic leaders are all on the same page — and it’s the correct page to be on.

This really will actually make it harder for Bush to pardon Libby — as it will be assumed, correctly, that Bush is doing it for the same vile reasons for which Ford pardoned Nixon.  Or for which Bush’s own father, George Herbert Walker Bush, pardoned the people that could have sent Poppy to prison over Iran-Contra.

And if Libby knows that a pardon is no longer forthcoming, he has much less incentive to protect Cheney and Bush.

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Ya Know, It’d Be Easier For Bush To Use The “We Fired These Attorneys For Performance Reasons” Dodge…

Posted by Phoenix Woman on March 7, 2007

…if the people they’d picked to replace them weren’t corrupt and unethical dorkwads like this guy:

There’s only one thing worse than sacking an honest prosecutor. That’s replacing an honest prosecutor with a criminal.


There was one big hoohah in Washington yesterday as House Judiciary Chairman John Conyers pulled down the pants on George Bush’s firing of US Attorneys to expose a scheme to punish prosecutors who wouldn’t bend to political pressure.


But the Committee missed a big one: Timothy Griffin, Karl Rove’s assistant, the President’s pick as US Attorney for the Eastern District of Arkansas. Griffin, according to BBC Television, was the hidden hand behind a scheme to wipe out the voting rights of 70,000 citizens prior to the 2004 election.


Key voters on Griffin’s hit list: Black soldiers and homeless men and women. Nice guy, eh? Naughty or nice, however, is not the issue. Targeting voters where race is a factor is a felony crime under the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

There’s much more at the link above.

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