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We now have a runner up to “Dow 36,000” for world’s stupidest title

Posted by Charles II on March 9, 2007

In an interview on Colbert, Kissinger disciple Ted Koppel says he is producing a series for Discovery which he is calling “Our Children’s Children’s War.” The thesis is that Bush’s Crusades are going to last for 100 years. It is, alas, not a joke.

The fact that the US is diplomatically completely isolated, its influence in the Middle East tottering and its economy in serious danger has evidently escaped Koppel.

To his credit, Koppel said that this “war” would be 80% diplomatic and economic, and only 20% military.

I have an even better idea. Let’s make it 100% imaginary and let Koppel fight it in the confines of his own mind.

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In lieu of Mexico News, Colombia news

Posted by Charles II on March 9, 2007

The situation in Mexico continues to devolve, but there’s nothing concrete enough to compile into a post. Unrest continues, the government masks a political war as a war on drugs, and oil production heads ever nearer the danger zone. But the PRD has, in my opinion, lost the moment when it could have formed a true alternative government. This has strengthened the EZLN, which represents a far more radical and far less competent alternative. When things impact the fan is pure conjecture, of course, but what is of interest is that the stirrings in Mexico are part of something much, much larger: a resistance to corruption, reaction, and violence that stretches across the length of the American continent. 

Democracy Now interviews the leader of the main opposition in Colombia

GUSTAVO PETRO: [translated][The] President in Colombia, Alvaro Uribe Velez… has not been capable of explaining clearly why … hundreds of these public officials [in the federal and regional governments of Uribe’s party] are now facing criminal charges. Many of them have been arrested for ties to drug trafficking, genocide and paramilitarism in Colombia. …

Basically, paramilitarism is a very savage version of drug trafficking. It is a network of drug traffickers who enjoy political power and ties with sections of the state that serve their fundamental purpose of exporting more cocaine to the United States. Colombia exports more than 90% of the cocaine that is consumed here in the United States.

And that malevolent alliance between drug traffickers and political power — the Colombian state — has, over these two decades, resulted in widespread crimes against humanity, genocide against specific populations, particularly trade unionists, political parties, social movements, that have been exterminated across Colombian territory. Today in Colombia, there are more than 4,000 mass graves that have been discovered, most recently thirty-three corpses, and among those corpses, well, they included babies, elderly persons. There’s been genocide across Colombia, turning us into a mortal statistic in the corner of the Americas where the largest number of crimes against humanity have been committed in the Americas over the last two decades.

The National Registrar of Civil Status has said that in the last two such elections there was fraud. This is what he has said, because basically practically two million votes — well, there were practically two million votes that represented the paramilitaries, instead of the voters, stuffing ballot boxes, assassinating candidates in many regions of the country. Indeed, they forced citizens to parade on to the polls with guns to their heads. This is how they have been able, not only to have a whole slate in the legislature, many of whom today are going off to jail, but they’ve also been able to “elect,” quote/unquote, hundreds of mayors and governors.

The Polo Democratico, Democratic Pole, Party … rejects armed struggle in Colombia. It rejects violent forms of resolving social and political conflicts in our society.

The [nominally left-wing] FARC today don’t represent any possibility of democratic transformation. To the contrary, it’s yet one more element in the Colombian landscape that is encouraging violent fragmentation and destruction, anti-democratic destruction, of society and the state.


… [i]f violence in Colombia in all of its forms has as its ultimate source social inequality, then we need a government that would take specific measures on a day-to-day basis to resolve those grave levels of social inequality in the country, a government that would bring about the democratic forms that are essential.


One fundamental one would be to democratize property in the land, which has been concentrated by the drug traffickers by bringing together cocaine and blood at the same time — violence and high levels of money. That democratization of landed property, democratization of credit, profound democratization of the country, could be precisely the instrument that would make it possible for violence to significantly be diminished and for the armed conflict to be resolved.  

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Friday Cat Blogging

Posted by MEC on March 9, 2007

When it’s cold outside, Alex knows where to stay warm.

Alex Stays Warm

Alex Stays Warm (2)

Alex Stays Warm (3)

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More Good News From Our New Democratic Congress

Posted by Phoenix Woman on March 9, 2007

ang, could it really be that it’s morning in America again?

Check this out:

House panel reverses Bush on archive secrecy

A House panel on Thursday voted to overturn a 2001 order by President George W. Bush that enables former presidents, including Bush’s father, to keep some of their papers secret indefinitely.

The bipartisan bill, hailed by historians, was passed without objection on a voice vote by the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. The full House of Representatives is expected to vote on it next week.

“It will ensure that future historians have access to presidential records as the Presidential Records Act intended,” said committee Chairman Henry Waxman (news, bio, voting record), a California Democrat who is one of the bill’s sponsors.

In November 2001, Bush issued the order, widely criticized by historians, that allowed either the White House or a former president to block the release of a former president’s papers and put the onus on researchers to show a “specific need” for many types of records.

As emptywheel says:

Sweet, let’s get Poppy!!! Once we prove how much Cap covered up, it’ll make it harder to pardon Libby.

And it’ll also show just how silly it was to prosecute Sandy Berger for copying his own notes.

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House GOP Knew About Walter Reed Scandal For Years — And Did Nothing

Posted by Phoenix Woman on March 9, 2007

Why? Because they didn’t wanna hurt poor Bushie-Wushie’s feewlings.


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Comparing Bush to Truman

Posted by MEC on March 9, 2007

ABC News reports that “Bush hasn’t seen majority approval in more than two years — the longest run without majority support for any president since Harry Truman from 1950-53.”

I’m confident that Bush will break President Truman’s record.

Unfortunately for the country, Bush has convinced himself that being this unpopular just shows how right he is.

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Newt’s Going to Run for President

Posted by MEC on March 9, 2007

Can anybody think of any other explanation for this than that Newt is setting up to get the support of the Raving Theocrat Right for a presidential run?

On Wednesday, Focus on the Family alerted reporters to an interview with Gingrich that will air tomorrow and Friday on James Dobson’s radio show, in which the former House speaker fesses up to “moral failings.” According to the press release, which is smartly scant on the juicy details so that we’ll have to tune in (or at least Google it), Gingrich tells Dobson that he has “gotten on his knees and sought God’s forgiveness” for his personal failings.

The only thing more staggering than the cynicism of this “confession” is the hypocrisy, and vice versa.

Moral failings? Yeah, Newt’s had a few. Does he repent of them? Only until after Election Day 2008. “Repentance” means nothing without some attempt to undo the harm you did.

I’ll believe he repents of them when he pays his first wife the child support he owes her. Even though the children are long since grown up, I’m sure she could use the money.

A public admission of his own hypocrisy for condemning Bill Clinton’s sexual misbehavior all the while Newt was engaging in more serious sexual misbehavior would also be a nice gesture.

I bet my next mortgage payment that Newt won’t do anything to actually make amends. Any takers?

[H/T Salon’s Table Talk]

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