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Newt’s Going to Run for President

Posted by MEC on March 9, 2007

Can anybody think of any other explanation for this than that Newt is setting up to get the support of the Raving Theocrat Right for a presidential run?

On Wednesday, Focus on the Family alerted reporters to an interview with Gingrich that will air tomorrow and Friday on James Dobson’s radio show, in which the former House speaker fesses up to “moral failings.” According to the press release, which is smartly scant on the juicy details so that we’ll have to tune in (or at least Google it), Gingrich tells Dobson that he has “gotten on his knees and sought God’s forgiveness” for his personal failings.

The only thing more staggering than the cynicism of this “confession” is the hypocrisy, and vice versa.

Moral failings? Yeah, Newt’s had a few. Does he repent of them? Only until after Election Day 2008. “Repentance” means nothing without some attempt to undo the harm you did.

I’ll believe he repents of them when he pays his first wife the child support he owes her. Even though the children are long since grown up, I’m sure she could use the money.

A public admission of his own hypocrisy for condemning Bill Clinton’s sexual misbehavior all the while Newt was engaging in more serious sexual misbehavior would also be a nice gesture.

I bet my next mortgage payment that Newt won’t do anything to actually make amends. Any takers?

[H/T Salon’s Table Talk]


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