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Map of future US homelessness

Posted by Charles II on March 15, 2007

Calculated Risk has an excellent piece showing where mortgage defaults are likely to be prevalent. California, Louisiana, and Mississippi may have default rates exceeding 8.6%.

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Now They’re Just Getting Silly

Posted by MEC on March 15, 2007

This afternoon I heard a caller to the Ed Schulz show take the next illogical step beyond “it’s okay for Bush to single out eight prosecutors to be fired in the middle of his second term, because Clinton replaced all the prosecutors at the beginning of his term and don’t tell me that it’s standard practice for new presidents to replace the previous president’s political appointees with his own, because George W. Bush didn’t fire every single one of the prosecutors when he took office so that proves Clinton’s the only one who’s ever done it”: Stan from Minneapolis (sorry, PW) said that there was nothing wrong with Bush firing the prosecutors because Clinton fired the prosecutor who was investigating his very good friend Webb Hubbell.

(Well, okay. Clinton did, in fact, fire that particular prosecutor, at the same time that he fired all the others. But he didn’t single out that prosecutor for firing, and in case everybody’s forgotten, the prosecutor who replaced him pursued the case against Hubbell and got a conviction, which sorta kinda disproves the accusation that Clinton fired all the prosecutors in order to get his friend Webb off the hook.)

And just as I was stewing over this bit of Clinton-hating idiocy, thinking to myself with heavy sarcasm, “They’re probably going to claim that Clinton fired all the prosecutors just to provide cover for firing the one he really wanted to get rid of,” another caller made that very claim!!!

In fact, he took it one step farther: he claimed that Clinton fired all of them as cover for getting rid of the prosecutors who were going after Hubbell and Dan Rostenkowski. (Never mind that the Rostenkowski investigation continued until Rostenkowski copped a plea and did jail time, which sorta kinda disproves the accusation that Clinton fired the prosecutors in order to get Rostie off the hook.)

I swear I am not making this up. These people are enough to make the White Queen stand slack-jawed with awe.

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How Women Have Fared Under the Bush Regime

Posted by MEC on March 15, 2007

Executive summary: Badly, except for “women employed by or married or related to men employed by the Bush administration.”

Is anybody surprised?

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“The Richest Year In History” — If You’re Already Rich

Posted by Phoenix Woman on March 15, 2007

Tula O’Connell has the goods.

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Yoo Hoo, Michael Weiner! Oh, Yoo Hoo!

Posted by Phoenix Woman on March 15, 2007

DSM-IV exhibit and hate-radio screecher Michael “Savage” Weiner must not be very happy in the wake of being dumped by talent agency CAA two days after being signed by them.  Get a load of this:

On March 12, Minnesota Monitor broke the news that six Imams would be suing US Airways. At 9 pm Central Standard Time we sent a press release to national and local media offering our reporter, Abdi Aynte, as an expert available for comment on this breaking story.  Among the many outlets we pitched our story to was The Savage Nation radio show.

Two hours after our release, Minnesota Monitor received this reply.

From: []
Sent: Monday, March 12, 2007 11:34 PM
Subject: Re: Muslims to sue U.S. Airways; Expert Available You and they should be deported for taking advantage of this great nation.

At first the email appeared to be a joke.  Michael Savage, the third-highest rated talk show host in America, had just called for our deportation.  Perhaps the Minnesota in our name made him think we deserved something a little warmer?  I replied to the email to see if it was a mistake and received confirmation from the executive producer for Savage Nation that it was not.

Go read the whole thing.   It’s hilarious.

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Wednesday News Roundup

Posted by Phoenix Woman on March 15, 2007

— The US Attorney Purge Scandal is really affecting the Bushistas.  How do we know this?  They dragged the torture-addled  Ron Jeremy  Khalid Shaikh Mohammed out for the cameras and had him confess in a long rambling statement to plotting 9/11, plotting to kill the Pope, plotting to kill Jimmy Carter and plotting to kill the Easter Bunny.  (They would have used Jose Padilla, but after half a decade of custody and interrogations without being charged for a single crime until last fall, he’s apparently no longer able to speak coherently enough for any confessions to be taken seriously.)

— Bad News:  Patrick Fitzgerald won’t be at this week’s TreasonGate (aka Plame) hearings because the case is going to be appealed.  Good News:  It’s also because he doesn’t want to mess up the Wilsons’ lawsuit.   And as he points out, it’s not as if he didn’t leave Congress lots of publicly-aired material.

— Speaking of the purge scandal, does anyone doubt that Rove’s at the center of it? Not Sid Blumenthal.

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