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Because You Know They Will

Posted by MEC on March 16, 2007

Valerie Plame Wilson testified under oath today that

  • She was a covert agent, she had been in the field within the past five years, and that performing a “desk job” instead of being out in the field did not change her covert status.
  • She was not the person who recommended sending Ambassador Joe Wilson to Niger.

How soon after she finished her testimony did the Usual Suspects proclaim that she lied under oath? Or did they even wait that long?

5 Responses to “Because You Know They Will”

  1. Charles said

    She rocked. Her eyebrow was so sharp it could have cut a Congressman in half.

    The Republicans chosen patsy questioner was Lyle Westmoreland. Looking like a snake trying to comprehend a shotgun, he stumbled through questioning Plame about why there were no office memoranda laying out the details of how Joe Wilson was selected.

    She reminded him that they were busy at the moment… trying to track down wild Administration claims of nuclear weapons in Iraq.

  2. MEC said

    I think it was also Westmoreland who questioned Valerie Plame about Joe’s and her party affiliations, clearly insinuating that partisan bias and not the facts dictated the content of Joe’s Niger report (projection isn’t just for movie theaters anymore). That was the only disappointing moment of her testimony. Instead of answering, she should have challenged the underlying assumption.

    But I loved every moment of her answer to the question of whether she sent Joe to Niger. “I didn’t have the authority.” Exactly. It’s nice to have that on the record.

  3. Charles said

    Yeah, she should of told him that the experience of being betrayed and then watching the Republican President and Congress stonewall, spin, and lie had turned her from an occasional Democrat into a fervent one.

    Joe Wilson contributed to and, if I recall, voted for Bush in 2000.

  4. Contrast Valerie Plame’s fortright truthfulness with Victoria Toensing’s shamelessly high-handed dishonesty later that day. And did you all catch how she deflated when Waxman and Van Hollen repeatedly called her out on her lies? If you’re wondering why the GOP/Media Complex didn’t mention Toensing’s testimony very much, now you know.

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