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We Knew They Would

Posted by MEC on March 19, 2007

Last Friday, I predicted that The Usual Suspects, rather than admit defeat in their attempts to discredit Joe and Valerie Wilson, would accuse Valerie of lying under oath in the Congressional hearing.

I don’t know whether Brit Hume was the first, but he certainly went at it with gusto. Think Progress demolishes him, but I expect we’ll be hearing the same accusation from others of his ilk, probably in the same words and everything.

I expect demands that Valerie be indicted for lying under oath, because it’s a Very Serious Crime, from the exact same people who’ve been defending Scooter Libby by saying he should never have been prosecuted because there was “no underlying crime”.

[H/T Salon’s Table Talk]

2 Responses to “We Knew They Would”

  1. Charles said

    If there is a hell, it will decline such people entry for being beyond evil. And they sure aren’t headed for heaven.

  2. Hume would have no trouble at all operating in Mussolini’s Italy, Hitler’s Germany, or Franco’s Spain. No qualms of conscience at all.

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