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Ho Hum, Another Corrupt Bush Official

Posted by MEC on March 31, 2007

Fish mosaic in the Detroit Institute of Arts

The only thing that’s going to save us from Bushevik corruption is that so many of Bush’s minions are incompetent in their corruption. For example, Julie A. MacDonald, deputy assistant secretary at the Fish and Wildlife Service of the Interior Department.

A top-ranking official overseeing the Fish and Wildlife Service at the Interior Department rode roughshod over agency scientists, and decisions made on her watch may not survive court challenges, investigators within the Interior Department have found.

At least, we hope they don’t survive the court challenges, because her judgment is definitely worse than that of the scientists who actually, you know, have knowledge about the issues they’re researching. She don’t need no steenking facts, though, because her job is to make sure that the facts are “fixed around the policy”. For example,

…Ms. MacDonald lobbied for a decision to combine three different populations of the California tiger salamander into one, thus excluding it from the endangered-species list, and making the decision legally vulnerable. A federal district judge overturned it in 2005, saying the decision was made “without even a semblance of agency reasoning.”

The policy, in this case, seems to protect industries from being inconvenienced by environmental regulations:

The inspector general also found that Ms. MacDonald had sent internal government documents by e-mail to a lawyer for the Pacific Legal Foundation – a property-rights group that frequently challenges endangered-species decisions.  

She twice sent internal Environmental Protection Agency documents – one involving water quality management – to individuals whose e-mail addresses ended in “,” the report said.

After Bush is finally out of office, it’s going to take years just to clean up the mess These People are creating in government agencies. The example of Julie MacDonald’s interference with the protection of endangered species. shows that some of the damage they’re doing may be irreversible.

2 Responses to “Ho Hum, Another Corrupt Bush Official”

  1. I wish I could say I was surprised.

  2. brat said

    And that’s how I’m voting: Who is the BEST person to clean up the CRAP that Bush and his cronies developed, etc?

    Just in foreign/military policy, we have decades of work to do. Then toss in environmental policy, energy policy, health policy, etc. It’s really quite daunting what faces us.

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