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Here’s to the few who stand in the breach (including Avedon Carol)

Posted by Charles II on April 5, 2007

On Meet the Press, Utah Senator Orrin Hatch said that former US attorney Carol Lam

“…was a former law professor, no prosecutorial experience, and the former campaign manager in Southern California for Clinton”

That makes three lies in 18 words, certainly a contender for a world record. Today, Hatch, um, clarified what he said:

My comments about Carol Lam’s record as a U.S. Attorney were accurate, but I misspoke when making the point of discussing politically connected U.S. Attorneys. I accidentally used her name, instead of her predecessor, Alan Bersin, who was appointed by President Bill Clinton.

In other words, his comments about Carol Lam’s record were false and he doesn’t have the grace to admit it. Orrin Hatch sat on the Judiciary Committee when both Lam and Bersin were appointed!  As Josh Marshall points out, Hatch’s, er, explanation makes no sense. That’s because it’s a lie. As one of Josh’s commenters said, Orrin Hatch

…is a very talented, very cynical, very dangerous trial lawyer.

Just ask Anita Hill.

Now, almost no one listens critically to, eh, news shows like Meet the Press. Certainly Tim Russert doesn’t or he would have caught Hatch’s howlers. And so we know about this lie only thanks to a few individuals. Rachel Maddow. Avedon Carol. Little Thom. Kos. Josh Marshall. Richard Blair. (Leah Applet of Ampol, oddly, recognized the depth of Hatch’s mendacity, but was too bored to specify)

We owe a deep debt of gratitude to them (and others I have missed). As our society sinks deeper and deeper into being a cesspool of lies and spin, they are the few who stand in the breach. And let’s not kid us. It’s not just the person who first catches the lie, but the person who researches the facts, and the person who patiently spreads the truth from website to website, even when it gets discouraging.

So, here’s to Avedon. You may not have known it, but you inspired me to write to the Salt Lake City Tribune to demand that they expose Hatch’s crapulent lies. Perhaps without knowing it, you inspired Richard Blair to post about it. And slowly the truth seeps out. And others who you will learn about only years later.

Thank you for what you do.

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  1. […] off as a “blooper.” There are good reasons to believe that the lie was no accident as I have explained previously.  And yet, amazingly, it looks as if the whole matter is being dropped: by the SLTrib, by Josh […]

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