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No consequences to Hatch for lying

Posted by Charles II on April 8, 2007

As you may know, Senator Orrin Hatch made a pejorative statement on Meet the Press about former US Attorney Carol Lam that was completely false. He, um, corrected this by claiming that he was referring to her predecessor. This is, of course, not plausible.

You may also know that the Salt Lake City Tribune ran a correction which blew the lie off as a “blooper.” There are good reasons to believe that the lie was no accident as I have explained previously.  And yet, amazingly, it looks as if the whole matter is being dropped: by the SLTrib, by Josh Marshall and other bloggers, and by journalistic organizations to whom this was brought to attention.

Sign me up with Avedon: it’s frustrating that our ADD society can’t focus long enough to convince our top leaders that lying has costs.

And so they go on lying.

 (PS: thanks to PW for running a mention of this issue on Firedoglake)

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