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The False Prosperity, II

Posted by Charles II on April 10, 2007

From the AP (and more here):

An economics professor known for his flamboyant suits and million-dollar pen collection claimed amnesia after federal investigators discovered about $134 million missing from several investment funds he managed, according to court documents.

 The Securities and Exchange Commission said Al Parish and Parish Economics LLD provided false statements to his 300 investors indicating the five funds were trading profitably, when “in fact, brokerage accounts represented to hold millions of dollars of assets for the funds do not hold significant funds.”

 The SEC said after it attempted to contact Parish, “he checked into a local hospital claiming to have amnesia.”  

Parish was on the faculty at Charleston Southern University, an evangelical Christian institution.

From Open Secrets, here’s who he gives to (both in 2004):





DeMint, James W





Condon, Charlie

I am pretty sure Jesus would be a

Condon is Republican state AG. DeMint is a Republican Congressman.

My guess is that Jesus is a mite disappointed with Brother Professor Al.

Republican Jesus probably not so much

5 Responses to “The False Prosperity, II”

  1. whig said

    I’m thinking about how all this connects back to Chuck Colson.

  2. whig said

    A person who cooperates in evil and then proceeds to call himself a man of God. Know the tree by the fruit.

  3. whig said

    Forgive me if I say more than I should, or if I am unjust, correct me.

  4. Charles said

    Why would I correct you, Whig? Everything I have heard about or from the lips of Chuck Colson sounds to me like a man who was offered redemption and despised it.

    The only question I might have is whether Colson was a primary influence on Al Parish. But Colson’s program, Breakpoint is played so regularly on so-called “Christian” radio that it’s hard to miss.

  5. whig said

    I want these hypocrites on display and exposed, and am glad to see it happening.

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